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More trouble for Allegiant

The growth rate, age of airframe, and maintenance issues have me believing Allegiant is headed for an accident. ( Más...

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wx1996 1
Do not understand why you think they are going to have an accident? I was talking to an FAA dude on a recent flight. He monitors spares and repair rates for the MD-80 series aircraft. The issues with their MD-80 aircraft are no worse than with Delta. And American's MD-80 aircraft have even higher rates of unplanned maintenance actions. Delta and American just uses spare aircraft. Americans average age of their remaining MD-80 series aircraft is now older than Alligiant's. Their rate of growth remains slower than Southwest. On the MD-80 series Delta's fleet is only a half year younger. Why are Allegiant's MD-80s going to crash while Delta's and American's are not?
it's not a matter of if there will be an accident - - - just when
That can actually be said about any airline. Remember, the same FAA inspects them all for YOU. Don't you feel safer now?
Aaron Hunter 1
Hovering at 500 feet. Flight aware shows the plane level at 3000.
linbb 1
Have been saying that for several years in my replies on here. They are one little minor error on loosing an entire plane and passengers. Having a few high time airframes is one thing but almost every AC? Get real folks its a matter of time.
joel wiley 1
It's said that an accident is the end of a chain of events in which any broken link would have avoided. Allegiant seems to be working at forging those links rather than maintaining their fleet.
Story about an engine shut down morphed into uneducated comments about aircraft age and now the whole company is going to implode secondary to a catastrophic crash that hasn't happened yet. Drama Queens!
joel wiley 1
Reasonable people can disagree reasonably. There have been sufficient number of anecdotal reports of potentially questionable maintenance decisions and practices to allow one to suspect that problems exist that are not being safely addressed. There can be a reasonable conclusion that such problems at some point could precipitate a catastrophic fatal incident.

One engine shut down is a data point. Multiple data points can indicate trends which could be mischaracterized as 'uneducated'. The Titanic was type two error example - the unsinkable incorrect hypothesis was accepted as true. As you say about an Allegiant catastrophic crash, it hasn't happened. Yet.

And at worst, drama duchesses.
trevor caruso 1
in 2015 42 of allegiant's 80 or so aircraft had in flight emergencies, 15 were emergency landings due to engine failures. last year they had 12 incidents per 10,000 flights. Maurice Gallagher was the head of ValuJet, a very similar business model, at the time of their crash. it isn't "uneducated commentary, it is simply looking at trends and realizing that there are definitely problems here. you can sell seat at ultra low rates but the undeniable truth is that maintenance budgets suffer. I'm certainly not wishing ill will on allegiant, I am simply pointing out obvious concerns. Concerns allegiant pilots and mechanics have referenced in the past two years.


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