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Colorado Springs pilot force lands Cirrus SR22 on mountainous terrain

Russ Ford and his wife Sheri were flying their Cirrus SR-22 single-engine plane over the remote Flat Tops Wilderness Area near Meeker, CO, on Saturday when he says the engine cut out. They were at about 12,000 feet over rough terrain and Russ had to make a quick decision; whether or not to deploy the plane's emergency parachute, which is designed to bring the entire plane safely to the ground. ( Más...

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John Cotton 20
Yes, nice job keeping his head under pressure. Glass it worked out well. I wish the press would refer to it properly though; he didn't crash, he executed a perfect forced landing.
209flyboy 4
The press never gets anything right. They send the most inept people who don't know anything to investigate and incorrectly repot. Journalism these days is the worst.
myalias 1
That's because there's little money in journalism these days. Ad revenues have collapsed.
Jesse Carroll 1
Thank you internet! Haven't bought a paper in years and hardly watch TV news anymore! They are all idiots, except for Fox News and even they get it wrong occasionally!
bentwing60 7
Well done!
zennermd 4
Great decision making by the pilot. If they did slide off the cliff, is 700ft enough for parachute deployment?
D. Benjamin 3
He did a great job... that cliff though.. That cliff was coming for them fast! I would have been tempted to pull the handle, but at that point you're only along for the ride.
Dave Witt 3
Great job on the no injury forced landing!

I also had a full engine failure forced landing last September. No injury, but totaled our loved Cardinal RG.
Paul Wisgerhof 4
If he was flying at 12,000 feet above mean sea level over the Flattops he was only 2000 feet or less above the ground.
blucenturion 2
I've never seen a type with such frequent forced landings. No wonder a parachute system was designed for it. Why not just put a Lycoming in it?
Todd Witt 1
Way to go!
Ed Berling 1
What happens to the plane?
Jim DeTour 2
Helicopter sling loaded out of there by NTSB is easy guess. Firefighting helicopters of a larger size could handle it easy. Expect a bill if fuel starvation.
fiveninerzero 1
Sling load even at 10K alt?
myalias 2
The empty weight is 2225 lbs, so even a 212 could probably do it. If not, there are skycranes in Colorado that would make quick work of it.
jbermo 1
Is it true that a (CAPs) deployment of the Cirrus emergency parachute, renders the entire airplane as an unworthy write off after it settles back to earth?
jbermo 2
Unairworthy that is.
doublet 1
Several have been rebuilt and are flying in the USA and other countries.
tj2s 1
Another SR22 engine failure. What's up with these things?
Jesse Carroll 1
Made in China?....LOL
Kilocharlie 1
Arm chair comment but if he landed into the wind why not pull the chute following touchdown to assist in slowing it down and maybe preventing it from going over the cliff?
myalias 1
Because if there is any wind it could catch the chute and pull the plane over the cliff.
nsarkhosh 1
Well done, I only wish they would make SR-22 with Lycoming Engines.
Adam Yavner 0
What's up (or down) with all these SR22 mishaps?


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