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Search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight #MH370 will end in 2 weeks

The hunt for missing flight MH370 will end in two weeks, Malaysia's transport minister said on Friday, as relatives of passengers demanded authorities push on with the search. ( More...

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matt jensen 1
Not going to happen, when they've searching the wrong area for two years.
ariana suppa 1
smh i wanted to see if they could actually determine what happened to the plane,and find the remains...i remember in 2014 watching the news when suddenly...ALERT malaysia plane crashes....and i was like...ohhhhh boy another crash for me to research on
linbb 0
Then could we also have the comments do the same until they have found it.
william baker 0
Let's play nice kiddos lol.

matt jensen 1
no laughing matter
william baker 0
I wasn't laughing at the tradegy just my comment. Take a chill pill and relax a little.


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