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A Delta Airlines flight was diverted to Tulsa today due to reports of sick passengers on board.

Nine passengers on flight diverted to Tulsa showed symptoms of general illness and nausea. ( Más...

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Larry Toler 1
They had the fish for the inflight meal.
mariofer 1
Wasn't there a report many years ago that problems where found on the A/C Packs on MD-80/90s that caused bleed air to contain exhaust fumes?
Seriously that plane's not old compared to others flying and that's where FOX overhypes it in the video, saying the plane was old compared to others. 1996? Come on. There's MD-80's, 82's, 83's and 88's out there still going from the 1980's. KLM's got 747's that are approaching 25 years old and there's some that are even older than that with other airlines around the world. So FOX shouldn't blow the plane's age out of proportion. There's a lot more planes out there plenty older than that one.
yatesd 1
Details are pretty scant. Mass hysteria?
Jeff Lawson 3
Carbon Monoxide poisoning apparently.
Jeff Lawson 1
Diverted flight track --
Jack370 1
Anyone know what the tail number was for this flight? MD90 according to default photo from FA but when you trace that tail number, this flight does not show up in it's flight history.
Jack370 1
The mystery deepens. If the tail number in the video is accurate "n55dn" registration is on hold with the FAA.
Jack370 1
Opps my mistake. The tail number is N955DN and valid registration. MD-90 build in 1996
renu rawat 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Passengers on Diverted Delta Flight Had Elevated Carbon Monoxide Levels

Some of the passengers who became ill on a Delta flight from Atlanta to Denver Saturday afternoon — prompting its diversion to Tulsa, Oklahoma — had elevated levels of carbon monoxide in their bodies, a Tulsa Fire Department official said Saturday evening.


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