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Boeing supplies brought in by Antonov-124's due to port slowdowns

Boeing and suppliers have been turning to one of the world’s largest aircraft, the Antonov-124, to keep assembly lines supplied during and after the labor dispute that slowed cargo movements at Puget Sound.... ( Más...

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linbb 4
Yup those people cost many farmers and others lots of money due to there not wanting to give eight for eight attitudes. And also showed that they could care less about others. Bet if the shoe was on the other foot with them things would be different. And then they wonder why some hate unions right along with Boeing having problems with them.
There was nothing in the article that stated the workers did not want to work 8 hours. Second, the dispute is between the workers and their company, not you or farmers or anyone else.

The Port should take equal blame for not negotiating in good faith with it's employees, hence the strike.

There are other ports close by that could handle the tonnage if they wanted to use them. Some a short truck ride from Sea-Tac (3 hours each way).


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