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Neil Armstrong's secret stash of Apollo 11 mementos

While cleaning out a closet, the late astronaut's widow discovered a bag of small items taken from the Eagle lander before it was jettisoned for the trip home. The artifacts are now on loan to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. ( Más...

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Interesting to see .. Wondering, why Neil him self, had not shared it.
I can see how Mr. Armstrong would like to have some things just for himself that is not shared with the public. Although it is nice that now it is!
Chris Bryant 2
I wonder if any of that will make its way to the Armstrong Air & Space Museum in Wapakoneta, OH. It would be a nice addition to what's already there.
daniel lengjel 2
Despite the Nasarcheological discovery,
It gives me a good idea, I'm going to clean my room in 2057,
I'll probably discover a treasure...
WhiteKnight77 1
Pretty cool artifacts from the mission, even if obscure for us. I can see where he would have used some of them during the mission. Nice to see that they have been made available for viewing.


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