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25 Insanely dangerous airports

the title says it all, these are from around the world mostly scary, with lots of good pics ( Más...

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preacher1 1
Put Kai Tak in a SIM, even though it's closed. You'll see whether you have a pilot or systems monitor
The mountains aren't really the problem at Toncontin.. It's the drop off at the end of the runway that is the problem: Case in point, the TACA A320 that dropped off at the end of a long rollout.

Cleveland? LAX? Really?? Tioman and Aspen are more dangerous than those, and Tioman has an IGS/checkerboard approach similar to Kai Tak.

Overall, this list has the usuals, but could use an update.
biz jets 1
Courchevel Altiport, France - my fav - there's a video online of a private Citation taking off - unfreakingbelievable ;)
bentwing60 1
Not sure why Juneau Alaska never makes these lists but its a hell of a lot more entertaining in weather than many on this list. Lots of cumulo-granite around and weather is the norm. The approaches have improved dramatically since I first flew in in the 90's, and GPS is why.


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