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Couple can't seek damages in language feud with Air Canada: SCC

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that Air Canada is not obligated to offer compensation to an Ottawa couple whose rights were violated when the airline was not able to serve them in French. In a 5-2 ruling, the court said "there is no dispute that the airline breached its obligations to supply services in French under... the Official Languages Act." But it said it agreed with an earlier Federal Court of Appeal ruling that found the airline did not need to offer the couple damages… ( More...

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steve rogers 7
i am French Canadian , I speak both french and English , and so did this couple , I have to agree that air Canada in Ottawa should have had French speaking folks at the airport , I am surprised they didn't , Ottawa is fairly bilingual as is , I have flown air Canada for years and never had problems anywhere with English or French speaking crew this is new to me , but for a couple who speaks both French and English to sue them , just because they prefer French is a little radical , too bad quebec air is not around anymore , that most likely would have been their first choice !! for me I am proud to speak both languages and would never think compromising one from the other , this whole thing sounds like a cash grab to me .
siriusloon 2
My high school French has faded more than I'd like, so perhaps you can help me: What do Francophones in Quebec call 7-Up and Sprite? I'm guessing that they're called 7-Up and Sprite.

It's also worth noting that the two products are from different companies, so just as some places sell Coke and some sell Pepsi, there are times when other soft drinks get substituted and it has NOTHING to do with language.
ken young 5
These two are habitual litigants. Looks like they believe Canada's civil court system is their own personal lottery terminal.
Perhaps they simply need a Waahmbulance
siriusloon 1
Did you see his photo on the CBC News webpage about this story?
siriusloon 4
Just try and post signs in Quebec that are in English and see how quickly the language police come after you. However, if you post signs in any other language, such as in Chinese outside a restaurant or in Italian outside a pizzeria, no problem.

If you were schooled in English in Quebec as a child, then your children can be, too, but if you went to school anywhere else and then moved to Quebec, your children can only attend French-language schools, whether they understand a word of it or not.

I bet you'll never see the Thibodeaus filing lawsuits about these kinds of official systematic discrimination against Anglophones in Quebec.

It's very difficult to get hired by the federal government unless you are fluently bilingual and you certainly will never get promoted if you're not bilingual. If you want to join the military, the only way you'll ever get promoted is if you are fluently bilingual. The air force and army have several units that are designated as Francophone, but there are no designated Anglophone units because if there were, Quebec would scream hysterically and demand that they be abolished. In a Francophone unit, only French is spoken, but in all other units, you'd better be bilingual if you plan on having a career.

Quebecers love to perpetuate the myth that they've been oppressed for centuries, conveniently forgetting the fact that when Britain kicked France's butt and acquired its North American colony, they allowed its residents to keep their language, legal system, and religion rather than force them to change any of them. To this day, Quebec still uses French civil law rather than the English system used everywhere else in Canada.

Immigration is a federal jurisdiction, but Quebec still prevents people from working there, even though they are Canadian citizens who can move anywhere else in the country and work there.

Quebec separatists don't want full independence, they want something they call "sovereignty association". They want to continue to use Canadian currency, Canadian passports (in addition to their own), and to continue to receive financial support from Canada. This is the equivalent of your kids leaving home, but returning to get their laundry done by you, to eat your food, and to have you pay their rent.

The funniest part is that while the separatists claim that they can leave Canada, when Indian tribes (known here as First Nations) said that "if you leave Canada, we'll separate from Quebec", the separatists went ballistic and claimed that they would take all of Quebec out of Canada and that the First Nations had to leave with them. Oh, the irony.

Most scholars say that the only part that Quebec could take out of Canada is a relatively narrow strip of land on both sides of the St Lawrence River.

The separatist Parti Quebecois lost the recent election because the majority of Quebecers don't want to separate. They know they have a good thing going now with the federal government always eager to give them whatever they want.

Except any financial reward from a ridiculous, frivolous lawsuit like the one filed by the Thibodeaus.
Brian Lager 2
I left Quebec in 1974 with the advent of Bill 101. I also worked for AC for 30 years. You are right in what you say and people have taken advantage of government largess. This couple are in the habit of making frivolous law suits against anyone and anything. This latest attempt to extort money from a business backfired. My only hope is that the bills from their lawyers will bankrupt them.
Frank Stacey 1
Good for the Courts. About time this whole language thing was S&Y()T canned. ENGLISH is the international language of AVIATION.

If they had won pretty soon every minority would be bitching about things not in their language.


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