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ForeFlight and FlightAware Collaborate to Integrate Flight Alert Feature

ForeFlight & FlightAware teamed up to bring pre-departure route changes directly to ForeFlight Mobile, even for operators of blocked aircraft! ( More...

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I concur, please bring this to Android....
Mark Kolber 0
AFAIK, Flightaware's flight plan alert does work with Android. It sends an email or text message alert., which will work with any phone. all this is doing is coordinating with a particular EFB app that also has that capability.
Er.A.K. Mittal -4
Dear friend Daniel Baker, I am sure this feature and the collaboration with FA will very fruitful for fliers. And perhaps for hobbyists like me too.
But I notice a limitation ! It's all iPhone based, that means only Apple phones! How about having some thing Android based too?
I am sure that it has nothing to do with the trade mark feud between Apple and Samsung ? Android is NOT limited to Samsung. Right ?
Android is indeed not limited to Samsung. But the development platform is different between both Android and iOS (apple products). This means that very few elements can be shared between the two platforms and everything has to be rewritten for the other platform. It is time and money consuming and the companies might not be willing to make the investment for the moment.
FlyEagleOne 1
Since I don't own a smart phone, it makes no difference to me accept that Apple seems to have the edge for some odd reason. Again makes no difference to me, I don't use a phone when I am PIC anyway. When will the next plane crash happen because some idiot pilot was texting on his iphone letting his girlfriend know he is flying over her house and to wave at him?


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