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Boeing 747 Flight - Stowaway/Landing Gear View

Camera.....Check, zipties....Check, High-speed tape.....check, 747....... check. ( Más...

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A point of view like no other. Great! Ernie in Michigan
Scott Campbell 2
WOW !! Great view... THANKS !
Raymond Dorais 2
Looks like the best seat on the plane, lots of leg room :-)
Joan Murdock 2
Flew on All Nippon Airlines and over in Japan they have a camera mounted on the nose gear that is on during the entire flight, got a kick during pushback and the ground crew waves goodbye when they disconnect the tug from the plane. It was fun to be able to see the taxiway and lineup on the runway for takeoff, stuff you can't witness here in the States because of paranoid airlines and FAA regs.
Kevin Hamel 2
That was cool! Very sweet.
Stan Rusbatch 1
Best air to air cover I have ever seen grgards
ilikerio 1
My friend found this video online and I thought I'd share it on FlighAware. :D
James Brewster 1
This video would have been completely different if they had experienced a blown tire upon landing.
btweston 8
...Yep. It also would have been completely different if a wing had fallen off or if the plane was attacked by dragons.
ken young 1
That's cool!!!!
Superb video. Really loved it. Thanks.
An idea comes to mind to lower wear and tear on the tire and less strut stress
at touch down. Design tires with small shoulder impellers to enable the tires to spin up to landing speed.
krispykreme 2
Makes sense, right? Not sure exactly how true this is, but my Grandfather (who worked on B-52s) told me that at one time the Air Force experimented with electric motors on wheels to spin the tire up to landing speed, but it didn't reduce wear that much. Seems to me like it would, though.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Any speed... The closer the matched touch down speed the more beneficial with less wear and tear. Electric motors would add weight and maintenance. A ridge impellers design on the side wall of the tires to harness the slip stream may work.
Moment of Inertia (Mass Moment of Inertia) - I - is a measure of an object's resistance to changes in rotation direction. Moment of Inertia has the same relationship to angular acceleration as mass has to linear acceleration.
nice view
oowmmr -2
Thats a noisy flight. Glad those lunatics don't have wrenches to break the hydraulic lines loose.
Yves Amsellem -3
Bof...pas terrible..


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