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Senate Passes Last-Ditch Bill to End Controller Furloughs

The U.S. Senate revived and passed a measure to end air-traffic controller furloughs as most members were flying home on recess, after four days of flight delays blamed on staffing shortages from budget cuts. ( More...

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ATC furloughs never should have been .... why not cut the salaries of Congress and the President until they can agree on things and get the deficit down .... They might be more inclined to come to agreement quicker if it were to hit their pocket .. ATC furloughs put the public safety at the bottom of the government ladder .. If it did anything .... Less ATC means less eyes watching the radar, tracking planes ... Putting passengers at risk ... Sure glad they woke up, before there were any accidents. Give them, more coffee and sugar .. In the tower.
bentwing60 4
IMO, the congress had an inkling (read, knew exactly) what was coming and let it be. Why! No crisis should go to waste, in politic speak, so why not appear the heroes and save the traveling public from the ravages of sequestration, which was created by who! You don't even need to be a conspiracy theorist to divine the motives and actions of this collection of pin heads. And I won't even mention the role of The Grand Poobah in all of this. He's been here in Dallas the last couple of days, virtually shutting down G.A. for hours at a time. Not to overlook the only region where their were no furloughs, D.C. Duh. The inmates are running the asylum.
Did any of You notice where the funds will come from? Quote...

"At the same time, the Washington-based Airports Council International-North America, an airport trade group, said its response to the legislation was “bittersweet.”

“We are very disappointed that the Airport Improvement Program was used to pay for this fix, as these funds were paid by passengers to maintain and enhance airport runways and taxiways, not fund FAA operations,” said David Edwards, chief executive officer of the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District in South Carolina and chairman of the trade group."

I would be a pay-check that these $$$$s will NEVER be returned to the airport improvement fund. So for short term pain relief we will suffer deeper ills in air transportation system for the long term.

To paraphrase President Reagan's famous scarcastic quote: "I'm from the Congress and here to help"
bentwing60 1
I would be willing to bet that the AIP program has run a surplus which was syphoned off to the general cess pool. Any takers?
You all need to watch "House of Cards"...season one available on Netflix...
joel wiley 3
Remember back when Sequestration was created, in effect kicking the can down the road?

Well, it just got another kick.
Because congressmen and senators have the backbone of earthworms. Afraid they'll lose votes.
Mark Schultz 3
Private aircraft would be delayed also. Every aircraft uses the same ATC system. Once Congress gets it snout in a money trough, they will snort it all up. Look what Congress did to Social Security through the years, they raped that fund. The Airport Improvement Fund is just another source that the &*^$#holes in Congress got their BIG snout in. Congress has a BIG money tree to pick dollars from. It's known as the AMERICAN TAX PAYER. Unless Congress gets it's head out of it's "you know what", I believe this nation will see a financial ruin like never before. An individual has to be responsible for his/her financial situation, why won't Congress stand up and do the same for nation! All we have in Congress are GREEDY individuals out to fill their own pockets. How many come out of Congress millionaires?
(v)e Same 2
... So much for GSP's second runway.... Crap...
Obama owns the sequester follies
The stupidity of the current administration will never cease to amaze me; the airlines were projecting daily losses in the millions of dollars due to delays, cancellations etc. The loss of tax revenue would greatly exceed any of the "fake savings" from the sequester yet all the White House can say is that Congress caved in to the whining business travelers. If a business was run as poorly as the current goverment is the first thing that would likely happen is that they would fire their president / ceo, and bring in someone that could actually lead instead of just talk about how great they are.
(v)e Same 2
.... Well.... I mean, last time i Checked Richard Anderson was still running Delta... So... Yeah... Not sure that theory always happens in the business world.
Watch Dog 3
Actually, the first to go would be the regional managers, meaning this: Save a controller, furlough a politician.
JD345 1
What a detestable political stunt that all was.

[This poster has been suspended.]

"Can't pick winners and losers". Really? So we cut controllers at the same rate in hight traffic areas as in low traffic areas? Where did you go to school? How do you deserve your job??
JD345 3
Your mistake is assuming that these jackasses actually try to solve the problems they say they're trying to solve -- they don't. These idiots never fail to astound me. Every day they find new depths to sink to. No matter what issue comes up, they're always looking for some way to spin it, rather than how the issue can be resolved. In my state, we had a government shutdown that was about 2% related to finances and 98% related to political oneupsmanship, on both sides. It would be hilarious to watch if it didn't have such a real, tangible effect on everybody's economic livelihoods.
90% or more of our problems were created by THEM in the first place.
Roland Dent 1
How come you USAers put up with this BS? You continually shoot yourselves in the foot.
JetMech24 3
Because in our "democracy" we are forced to choose between two idiots every 4 years.


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