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AA pilots with balls of steel

AA pilots get trained for this landing at Honduras as its a difficult you can see... and also worth noting the length of runway also..Balls of steel ( More...

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bentwing60 4
I have seen this arrival video several times (no offense Jeffrey, but I guess a repost from days of yore) and I gotta say that when you throw terrain like this into the mix and stir with a little weather, it ain't likely that we will see pilotless airliners any time in the near future. I do corporate and ASE, EGE, TEX, RIL, RNO are all semi regulars. Snow flurries can take VFR to below minimums in minutes (thats what specials are for) and no computer is gonna sort that sh%t out at the MDA. So if you are thinking about an aviation career, go for it, they are fixin to need a bunch of pilots. I have been hearing this my whole 31 year career, but lookin at the cards, I think they, for once, might be right. And Dudeman, I bet they don't do pacs off because a 75 will do a single engine go around at La Paz. Any comment Preacher1.
preacher1 2
Well, the 75 ain't bad on 1. You talk about snow flurries. Here in the ArkLaTex we are blessed with Tstorms popping out of nowhere and squall lines coming up and building out of nowhere. I'll tell you what, I had 36 years full time from FE up to left seat, a couple years of fill in and now back with the old company part time, but I about met my match this past Tuesday. Just a short hop down and back from KFSM to KDFW. Roller coaster down when we should have been ahead of the wx and dang near to KLIT coming back before turning left and then having to make that 76 perform like an F16 to punch a hole and get down. As far as the pilots, until the Airlines set up a direct hiring path out of the regionals instead of cherrypicking everywhere there is gonna be a problem. The legacies will probably be OK. The shortage will be with the regionals unless they get some money up.
bentwing60 2
Came in from HDN the same day just in time to catch the back side of it. SWA was talking about alternates, Love was shut, and ADS was open. It was bumpy so you gotta love a high wing loading.
preacher1 1
We left DFW some after lunch. I went up to about HOT and turned left, trying to beat the front end of it into FSM and didn't make it. Leading edge had actually passed over the field and If I wanted to see the house that nite, I didn't have much choice. They were using 25 at FSM and we just had to make a swan dive and punch thru it. It kinda stalled for a bit. We got down and I headed back East to the house and stayed ahead of it and then had to sit here and watch it spin up and down on radar and let it pass by the house. It was changing so fast that NWS was having a hard time keeping all the warnings updated on the radar. Nasty B****. One of the worst I'd ever seen.
preacher1 1
The squall line stalled, not the plane
bentwing60 1
It was nasty for an any time squall line, let alone a January one. The south end at Dallas was about the least of it. I thought you meant the weather, as thou shalt not stall the airplane is in the book somewhere, I think.
preacher1 1
That is definitely in the book and is defintely a no no. Kinda bad for your It was bad bumpy coming down that morning but the bulk of it was up in Western OK at that time. How'd you come down from HDN or had you spent the night up there? I am assuming you came into ADS?
bentwing60 1
Did ADS-RNO-HDN Sunday, ceilings everywhere, snow everywhere, approaches everywhere. HDN-ADS on Tuesday. Just another day in paradise.
preacher1 1
Sounds like your week started off good. ttyl, I'm outa here
bentwing60 1
I bid you adieu.

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preacher1 3
and let's don't forget the pucker
tim mitchell 2
you could do it Preacherman
Jeffrey Babey 2
:53 seconds but worth watching. I always thank my flight crew after every flight. I think I would have tipped these guys or gals!
Too bad they dont do this approach anymore. They cleared the hillside after the TACA Flight 390 Accident.
acmi 1
TGU...CO used to use it for training also...if you look closely they have a 727-200 stuck into the side of the mountain.
learman69 1
I love how they say AA pilots with balls of steel. Really what a DB, while the airline guys are getting trained to go to these difficult airports, us guys in the corporate world get the 6AM wake up call from dispatch to go to these places. We go and do the same if not better job as the airline guys and we don't get the training before hand. Hell we haven't heard of half the airports airlines guys get special training into until we get that call from dispatch. I think it is safe to say the Corporate Guys have BALLS of STEEL.
Not to mention not having someone send you a message on the ACARS saying 400 miles up ahead go left for wx.
In all fairness, I'm sure quite a few of them came along this path though...
The title is misleading though.
preacher1 1
I think it would blow peoples mind to find out just how many of us 135 guys and aircraft are out there. If it's not an airline of some type they just drool over some guy having and flying his own plane.He talks about the 6am call, my mind goes to 1700 and your starting to think Motel; boss calls and says "meetings over, ya'll got the hours to get us home?"
josh homer 1
I heard years ago that they removed that hill for a safer approach. Can anyone confirm?
oowmmr 1
They must send video of the mains brushing the must happen.


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