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Twin-engine plane lands on I-94 near Racine

A twin-engine plane approaching a small airport made a rough landing and came to rest in the southbound lanes of I-94 near Racine, Wis. ( Más...

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Andrew Stagg 5
The aircraft is a 1968 King Air 90:
Pilotguyr6 3
Overshot the runway, flying vfr in imc. 3/4 vis at the time.
jbermo 1
No wonder - now thats good reporting!
tim mitchell 2
There were some storms in that area last night..I wonder if that had anything to do with it.
Scott Parsell 1
That could be... That is a short runway for that plane anyways. The storm could have made it too short.
I love how the press says "Twin-engine plane lands on I-94". The pilot did not "land" on I-94. It was attempting to land at Sylvania (C89) Rwy08 to the East and was unable to stop and slid through the frontage road and came to a stop on I-94 which runs North-South immediately next to the airport.
dg1941 1
Note that the Chicago Tribune used the word "crash" in their caption.
Jason Feldman 1
The reporter is not doing a good job at all. The information is less than adequate - and shows that he/she has not investigated the incident at all.

No tail number, no plane type, how it ended up there, fuel issue? Mechanical? Pilot error?

This is why I stopped reading the Chicago tribune
smoki 1
C'mon give him a break. He had a deadline to meet and very likely not enough time to get details beyond those provided. He wasn't there to do an aircraft accident investigation! It's probably a safe bet that the mishap was due to pilot error. Who but a few would care to know the tail number or type? The vast majority of the viewers in the audience are non-aviation connected and couldn't care less. That's hardly a sufficient excuse to stop reading the paper. If you had said it was because its a liberal rag not worth the gopher match it would take to burn it, I would say fine, right on dude, I agree.
Jason Feldman 1
hahahaha, there I thought you were defending a guy doing a crappy job - and then at the end - you bring it back home with a nice zinger :)


alex miskell 0
This is actually quite humorous for myself because one, the plane ends in DA and at my school last year we had a SR-20 land on a highway, N486DA, also ending with DA and the cirrus landed on I-95 and this one landed on I-94. what a coincidence.
Joseph Howes -1
well how did it get from a small airport to the I-94
tim mitchell 2
the pilots were probably saying "whoooooooooo" but the plane kept going
ddesfosse 2
Actually, the pilots were probably saying, "OOOOHHHHH, SSSSSSHHHHHIIII*******!!!" ;-)
tim mitchell 1
Then when they got out they probably said "Like a good neighbor State Farm is There"


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