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United Shows Off Minor Update to 1991 Continental Livery for 787

Our 787 fleet will be painted with the globe livery but will get its own unique twist: the gold line along both sides of the fuselage will feature a special swoop from nose to tail. Our design is inspired by Boeing’s trademarked swoop, and pays tribute to our long history of working together. ( More...

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Nathan Quast 4
I like this better than the current, straight gold line. It makes the livery look more fluid and smooth - characteristics exemplified by flight. Looks great!
Ricky Scott 3
Ill see if I can grab some Pictures when the first one pops out of the paint hanger
David Stark 3
I still prefer the 1970-80s United livery.
Ev Butler 4
United should put that gold stripe on all its crates. Man, that sets them off from the rest of the carriers. Something that simple makes a world of difference. Thieves or not, if they be, they know how to decorate a aircraft. It is amazing what a simple stripe can do to set them apart with simplicity.
Alex Bode 2
The new gold line looks great but I won't be satisfied until they do something about the horribly dull lettering.
JJ Johnson 2
I hear Denver-Tokyo is one of the first routes what are some of the other "Thin" routes that United will fly with this new bird?
Conor Ball 1
Not totally sure on that one, I am hoping it will fly EDDF to KDEN. To replace Lufthansa's flight
Kawaiipoint2 3
That little gold stripe honestly makes a huge difference. It looks nice!
DaveLloyd 1
I just hope their quality of service matches the quality of the 787. Though, that's really expecting a lot from United.
7Deuceman 1
I've kept my mouth shout for a long time on this. Continental's paint job on a United jet. It's like super-glam lipstick on a pig. A really worn-out rode hard and put away wet pig.

People if United wasn't such an effed-up dog before the merger they would have never used the Continental branding, website, operational cert or leadership.
Andy Tyler 1
so much for that hyped IAH-AKL route...what a disappointment. The 747s to down under are awful in all senses.
Mark Duell 2
I'm a big fan of the window seats on the 747 upper deck - the window storage boxes are really convenient and give you a lot of room to stretch out.
Andy Tyler 1
biz class isn't so bad, but economy is just plain awful without any AVOD. Service and food in biz is greatly lacking, compared to my trip on AC a month ago, plus i liked the all aisle access from every seat.
Andrew Araujo 2
If by AC you mean Air Canada then that's a joke, I went to Lima this month and both my flight there and one back were shit on the B767-300ER with updated interior. The only thing good is probably those new Elite First class seats. Next time I'll use westjet and Lan. I'm a canadian so yeah I'm not an outsider dissing the airline.
Chris Bryant 1
"...trained more than 5,600 pilots, flight attendants and mechanics in 787 systems and operations so far."
Hmmm... I wonder how many pilots at UA have gotten their 787 type-rating.
But is sure is a pretty picture. Can't wait to see them in real life.
Freqflier61 1
To me the swoop looks OK but trendy. Maybe 'cause its new to me. As far as the original '91 livery goes it still looks great. It's always a plus when a company can get a logo that lasts. It helps immensely with brand identification. Correct me if I'm wrong but the old United has had 3 liveries since '91. Delta has had I don't know how many, 3?. They change liveries because the old ones don't work. How much money does that cost? When Joe Public looks at a logo and identifies the brand (in a good way) marketing is winning. CocaCola hasn't changed there logo in how many years? Time will tell if the '91 CO livery will stick. My guess is if the new UA can't turn around its service the '91 livery will have a negative association and it will be changed.
Why don't you ask the CAL pilots what they want...since UNITED is on the fuselage......CAL should have final say on the might be the red/gold of the '70s......
bashdan 1
I could look at that bird all day no matter what livery is on her!!
Andrew Araujo 1
Can't wait for Air Canada to get there's in late 2013/early 2014 :D. United is meh reminds me of the crappy Continental Airline's. I rather the grey and blue united livery over this. Dislike
Andrew Araujo 1
Not a fan of Air Canada, just it's the only way i'll see the 787 in person :D
Ricky Scott 1
They need to take that ugly globe off and put the UA back on
Andrew Araujo 1
Use the globe reminds me off Continental the worst airline besides American I been on.
Andrew Araujo 1
Ross Gonzales 1
Actually what they need to do is remove the "United" from my beloved home town Continental airline. They have come in and completely ruined a great airline. Hopefully smisek has to actually fly this crap they call united.
Andy Tyler 2
funny you mention this since the new "united" is pretty much run by the old continental management.
Andrew Araujo 1
Both Airline's sucked, only U.S.A based airline I like would be Skywest, Delta, and Southwest.
Heinz Apfl 1
i am just glad NOT to fly"UA to where iam going never liked that bunch
Gabriel Hoag 1
Looks great!
In my opinion and honestly on the 787 Uniteds original livery from 2007 would have looked much better then continentals, Continentals is ancient. Uniteds old livery looked much more modern. Continentals is just getting old. I just flew from Honolulu both ways and the 777 and 757 look ugly.
Conor Ball 2
I would think that United's new colors would look great on the 757-200 and the 757-300 with winglets, also the 777-200, but I'm sure we all miss the battleship and tulip livery :(
First they stole our airline. Then they stole our airplane. Now they stole our route. Poo on you United.
Andrew Araujo 1
Are you high? They BOUGHT the AIRLINE that includes THE PLANES which also comes with HUBS for routes. Last time I checked that is called BUYING OUT/PURCHASING not STEALING. Go get your definition's straight!
Jeff Hacker 1
They did not "buy" the airline. It is a merger of equals. And mostly CO management. Shareholders of each company got new shares in the new company. They just kept the United name (and, I agree, ruined Continental by reducing to the lowest common denominator of service).
Andrew Araujo 1
Continental ruined themselves,shitty planes,and getting fines what like 3 times for improper maintenance. There service was OK but I rather not be on a plane that it's 2nd engine starts surging and another flight were the bathroom motor stopped functioning and starting to seep into the rear of the plane >.< Anyway, all in all nothing really changed, Shitty planes plus United's shitty ass impolite crew service. I'll just stick with Delta, Skywest, Southwest, and Hawaiian as american carriers too fly with, otherwise I'm completely satisfied with Westjet.
SootBox 0
It's... OK... sort of yawn inducing. The belly under the swoop should have been bare or blue.
Brian Bishop 3
I agree, blue under the gold stripe would be sweet. I still like this though. Good looking airplane.
99NY -1
Yeesh, stripe or not thats still a pretty heinous livery.
Conor Ball 0
Can't Wait! It will fly the KDEN-RJAA-KDEN route.
Matt Molnar -4
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United Airlines Reveals Special Livery for New Boeing 787 Dreamliner

United Airlines on Monday presented a first glimpse of the special paint scheme that will appear on their new Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet.
Richard Howell -1
They got to get the "United" off from looking so plain.....All the technology out their with paint designs, you would think they can come up with something better!


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