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Shortest Jet Routes in the United States

Some of the shortest routes in the US utilizing jets. Know of any others? ( More...

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Jamar Jackson 6
LAX to BUR Fed Ex daily A300 Flies over PCH up Topanga Cyn makes a right on Sherman way and Dives on in. If you know the 405 you understand why this is better than a truck.
Jamar Jackson 2
About 19 Miles but 55 min faster then driving this time of day
conmanflyer 1
equipment needs at different area?
Jamar Jackson 1
no this flight is daily I live under it.
Jamar Jackson 2
I parked atop the Santa Monica Mountains and watched it come from LAX and Dive right into Burbank one day after work. Only gets up to 5000 msl and only 2000 feet above the Santa Monica Mountains. Whats crazy is LAX can be complete IFR due to coastal Fog and BUR is complete VFR not a cloud in site. This is due to the mountains creating to different weather 5 miles apart.
Jamar Jackson 1
I parked atop the Santa Monica Mountains and watched it come from LAX and Dive right into Burbank one day after work. Only gets up to 5000 msl and only 2000 feet above the Santa Monica Mountains. Whats crazy is LAX can be complete IFR due to coastal Fog and BUR is complete VFR not a cloud in site. This is due to the mountains creating to different weather 5 miles apart.
Tom Kearney 1
Can you get us a video of that cuz that's awesome. lol!
alex miskell 4
KCAK-KDTW is only a 15-20 min. flight, though the flight plan say 45 mins. Trust me I've flown this route a few times. If the weather is nice you fly right over Cedar Point, Sandusky, Put-In-Bay and Kelly Islands on Lake Erie, and have a great view of Canada's most southern territory.
Luis Gambetta 2
KATL - KCSG is less than 80NM
DTW <-> LAN has several CRJ1/200 flights a day and is under 80 miles!
Stephen Sheiko 2
Comair used to operate multiple daily flights between KCVG and KLEX. 70 nm, sometimes as short as 13 minutes.
Rick Barton 1
i remember that SS. The KCVG to Louisville was not that much longer.
n111ma 2
If you count "turbine engines" as "jet powererd"...then back in the 70's and 80's NY Airways and Pan Am operated scheduled service between JFK and EWR. They used Boeing-Vertol, Sikorsky, Bell, and Westland helicopters on these 19 mile flights!
max lyons 1
PHL to BWI is only about 15. My uncle transfers through PHL when he comes up to HVN for the holidays, says as soon as it reaches max height it has to start it's descent right away.
Brian Bishop 1
Some -8's some RJ's
About 80 miles direct. Approach patterns into CLT can add half again that much.
tim mitchell 1
I was gonna say
Brian Bishop 1
Just looked it up. 65 miles, 18 minutes
preacher1 1
Not as bad as the 405 but I85 ain't no picnic at times. Granted, CLT approach path leaves a lot to be desired. I guess it has to be that way but on a recnt pax trip over there, I figured it added between 20-30 minutes to flight time. Heck of a note when your coming home Westbound against the wind and you do 15 minutes less, wheels p to wheels down. It's not carded that way but after many of those trips, it always seems to be the same; we hit KMEM and have to wait on a gate cause we are early.
Brian Bishop 1
It can be quicker to drive to CLT from here than fly and connect, but then like you said, a certain stretch of I-85 can turn into a parking lot PDQ! Don't have to go that way much anymore with SWA in town.
tim mitchell 2
Billy Grahm BLVD. is usually the worst part; If you know your way around you can hop off of 85 at Little Rock and turn left at the shuttle parking lot.
Brian Bishop 1
Yep. I know that way in. The stretch of 85 North of Gastonia gets jammed up during morning rush hour. And don't let a truck wreck on the stretch between SC exit 5 and Kings Mt. :-( .....
preacher1 1
That's the quickest way in/out but too many people follow the
preacher1 1
We were over there back in March, and in 30 min. from touchdown, had the rental and had just made the 77 split Northbound.
lahtiji 1
MKE-MSN (74 miles) used to be a Midwest Airlines run.
lahtiji 1
I flew it once on a fully-loaded MD-80. 20 minutes.
David Kay 1
A long time ago, I grabbed a flight from Bradley (Hartford)to Boston. Pretty soon after we were airborne, the pilot announced we would be landing in 12 minutes!
adambear8 1
DCA-PHL about 20min been on this flight lots of times. If it is a mostly clear day you can see landings at BWI
Sweet... 10 min. flight from my airport to IMT
Lihue - Honolulu CRJ2 & 717
JD345 1
Some of the flights JetBlue operated during "carmageddon" last year I think would be right around 30 miles in a straight line.
Perry Reed 1
I once flew COS to DEN on United on a DC-10. 60 NM.
David Sims 1
CVG to DAY. I flew this once on an ERJ, although I've been told this route has seen aircraft as large as DC-10 in the past. Only 55 miles.
Jan Randle 1
At Piedmont Airlines in the early 80's we used to fly KGSO-KINT (14 nm) in a Boeing 727. It was a scheduled flight with passengers, but was also for maintenance positioning. I was lucky to fly this route as Flight Engineer, First Officer and Captain for one of the world's finest airlines.
sparkie624 2
I remember those days... I have often talked about that scheduled service. Some of the crews did not even raise the gear. I worked for Piedmont until the Demise of USAir... Piedmont Main Line, Best Airline Ever... Some how it seems that 14 minutes was a little long, I thought it was less than 10? As you stated it was more of a Maintenance Convenience flight, as INT was the major maintenance base before the GSO base opened up. Never got to work in INT, but worked in ROA and GSO in the MTC department.
preacher1 1
It is ironic thinking about that now. Even with all the highway fixin'? it takes about 1/2 hr or a little more now to drive out of GSO to the far side of Win-Sal to where 421 breaks of 40 to go to Wilkesboro.
Jan Randle 1
KGSO - KINT is 14 nautical miles, I've seen a block time on the ACARS of 3 minutes. WOW.....
richard weiss 1
There was a flight from Hou(Houston-Hobby) to IAH(Houston-intercontinental) in the late 80's. Continental contracted it out. It was flown in a DC 9. Rode it once. There was more taxi time than flight time but it beat a cab ride on the 610 loop
Andrew Mehl 1
Chicago Express Airlines - KSBN => KMDW - SAAB 340B - 12 minutes wheels up to wheels down
Chris Shumeyko 1
PHL-ABE operates with a CRJ several times a week. 55 miles direct, under 15 min flying time.
US Airways Express PHL - ABE
Jonathan Volpi 1
Ive seen UPS opperate a 757 from Ft. Lauderdale to Miami. Less than 10 minutes in the air.
Shorkeytyler 1
KMBS-KFNT 10 mins in the air
preacher1 1
There are some amazingly short routes listed here, some that are in the original article. Regardless of distance, they are probably making money or they wouldn't be there, and/or the equipment is at a hub, and the time is available on it. Utilization at it's best.
acmi 1
FX re-positions at least 2 MD11-F a day between JFK and EWR...inbound to JFK- Ferry to EWR---outbound EWR/MEM. It is 16 miles if you drive it
chuck marano 1
Used to have 7 minute flight on United with Beech 1900 between LAX and SNA
Steve Polk 1
Insane! Took longer to put your bag in the overhead - wait no carry on on a 1900!
Steve Polk 1
Not sure if these routes are still active (Jet)
1. DTW-TOL - 65 miles driving
2. DTW-FNT - 74 miles driving
justin martin 1
there used to be flights from Charlotte,NC-Hickory,NC about a 10 minute flight and they used CRJ-200s.
PHL-ABE on a CRJ is planned at 14 minutes. It also takes less than 1,000 pounds of fuel from gate to gate.
Rdu to CLT is blocked out at an hour. Average flight time is 30 minutes using 737 operated my US Airways.
preacher1 1
Not sure of the exact time/distance but CLT-GSO would be about 1/2 that, and US flies it daily, generally with a 737
trey Hamrick 1
KBHM - KATL. Super short.
trey Hamrick 1
there's the return trip completed in 16 minutes
alex miskell 1
Back in the late 90's, early 2000's I believe it was Continental Express flew from CAK-CLE in a ERJ-135 which is 35 nm direct and less than 10 mins in the air.
Delta operates one from KROA (my home airport) to KLWB....44 direct miles and a 13 minute flight!

KSBN-KORD. 80 miles, 8,000 feet and 20 minutes
Ryan Viveiros 1
JetBlue just started a BOS-ACK route using the E-190. Scheduled for 57 minutes but distance is only 91 miles.


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