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Boeing 787 Landing at Reagan National

HD video of the 787 following Reagan National's River Visual approach landing on 19... ( More...

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sparkie624 4
WOW, Nice video. Great landing to the crew... What a greased on landing. Barely any smoke at all on them wheels.
Ben Lillie 4
She's such a smooth flyer.
Jared Maurtua 2
I sure do wish someone would have told me...
Michael Fuquay 2
Exactly. I was just there two weeks ago to visit. I would've postponed my visit had I'd known. #@%$@#
Masao Aochi 2
It appears to be Boeing is really showing off that wide body aircraft can use those airports where Airbus cannot land or take off. For example, Japan Airline will start service to/from Narita, Japan to San Diego CA. I'm sure most of people know that San Diego has 9400feet runway, yet they plan to fly non stop to Japan.
Scott Grant 1
Konichiwa Masao! We are indeed excited in San Diego about JAL's upcoming non-stop to Tokyo from SAN on the beautiful 787 - I took video of it when it was here at SAN, and have posted it to YouTube:

As I understand the situation, the limiting factor at SAN is not the length of the runway, but the terrain at the end of the runway. A plane must be able to take-off and climb out safely on one engine (theorizing a single engine failure right at lift-off), clearing the Point Loma hills. British Airways pulls this off with an albeit-weight-restricted 777, flying non-stop to London Heathrow. The 787 was designed with Lindbergh Field in mind, giving airlines like JAL a chance to serve SAN with a non-stop, eliminating the "tech" stop that would be required with other airplanes.
Beautiful bird but her wings still give me the creeps.
jim garrity 2
Great shots from all over! And that's how your supposed to land on ANY runway!!
Robert Sloane 2
Its amazing how fast she slowed down after landing. Thank you
Nice video ... Flyig into DCA, Memorial Day week-end for the Holiday Festivities.
Benson Vann 1
Great photography.
Dubslow 1
How come the first one's at -7, but the duplicate's at +17?
99NY 2
I noticed that too. Some hardcore trolling of Matt Molnar's postings.
Scott Keller 4
Not quite...never heard of Matt Molnar. Took me a while to find out what Bill was talking about. Couldn't find it anywhere this morning. (good use of time sitting on hold with Verizon technical support, though) Since my post was directly from Boeing's stream and Molnar embeded it in his blog, the web addresses didn't the Flightaware filter didn't catch it. Matt's title about a Fat Man never caught my attention. AND, I'd add that describing the 787 as a "fat man" is probably what got the negative ratings. That said, Bill is certainly correct. Matt was definitely first with this video. My apologies to him. I certainly did not intend to duplicate his post.
99NY 3
Eh, dont sweat it, I wasnt intending my comment to come off like you did anything wrong. It just seems like whenever he posts something it gets some pretty heavy negative voting right off the bat. Oh well.
Scott Keller 1
Felt bad about it... I always try to look before posting. Just didn't notice his.
phil gibson 1
CRM @ it's Best!
Scott Keller 1
Even cooler when you realize they came over from Dulles VFR and under a broken layer at 1200 feet, overcast 2000. I'm still amazed by that.
Kawaiipoint2 1
ya i was wondering what the hell kind of approach that was! hahah
Cant wait to this beauty on here second trip to STL on the 14th.
Joseph Burlas 1
Beautiful bird.
Beautiful bird.
TheGDCaptain 1
Oops. Can't figure out why that isn't a hyperlink. Google away- you'll find it.

Oddly enough, I just had a PC last week. Touched down ref+0 on a short runway. Both check airman in the sim argued why I did it. Book says so, technique says another, and I was dead silent for 5 minutes while they went back and forth.
As you say to yourself "Come on guys. Let's move forward." If it hadn't been in the book, they would have dinged you, so good job.
She will be here at DFW tomorrow and I can't wait to see her!
James Long 1
Nice video, beautiful airliner.
toolguy105 1
The approach to 19 at DCA is one of the most challenging a pilot faces in the U S. The Dreamliner made it look easy. To bad we probably will never see the 787 operated scheduled service from DCA.
Ron Cline 1
Really Cool!
Ralph Wigzell 1
What a beauty.
Stanley Sawyer 1
A beautiful plane!
HBFlyer 1
Can't wait for AA to get their first one!
Michael Tyler 1
Very smooth flyer.
Super video.grat landing
jim garrity 1
Masao, the 787 flew into SAN in March, BA used to fly the 747 from LHR-SAN,but had a stop both ways @PHX to take on more PAX&fuel. Now they fly the 772 non-stop SAN-LHR! I'm sure JAL will do the #'s before any rev. flt. We had a C-5A come in a few years ago,and it didn't have any problems,(except when the tow driver's wing-man didn't look up and the tip just touched the wall). I don't know,but think your right that the A-380 could do it?
Very nice footage. When I was living in the DC area I use to spend some time watching the tricky visual approach to RNW19. Windy days where the top!!!
Donald Kryder 1
I have watched the 787 numerous times at Colorado Springs (KCOS) as they were doing high altitude (6187 ft) testing. It flies low and slow, lands great and does missed just beautiful. I was fortunate enough to be at the hold short line on 17l once and was amazed at the smooth landing. These boeing test pilots do a great job.
Why would would the Pilot's do a greaser? On short runways such as DCA, you would want a firm touchdown, not a greaser.
Firm touchdowns are for Navy pilots landing on a carrier and bad pilots. All four of us are long time pilots and non of us believe in 'firm' touchdown no matter how short the run way. If you thing that you will have a problem, go somewhere else. I seen firm touchdowns ruin the gear and owners refusing to let those pilots rent their planes. This pilot did what I and many others would have done.
preacher1 1
Both you guys are holding commercial tickets and I kinda think that a landing preference is up to each individual. I personally have to agree with Edward. On a short runway, especially where I haven't been before, I want a good solid landing. I'm not talking a controlled crash, as on a carrier, but I'm not talking about going halfway into the runway either. Authur, I think an individual's definition of firm and greaser here is the key.
Another point of view the aircraft is so light on the tour flights with minimal passengers and cargo the breaking distance should be greatly reduced. I think the smooth landings are mostly for PR noone wants to see the 787 slammed on the runway.
preacher1 1
prolly so, and that goes into any landing. A greaser is a wonderful thing, but PIC may want to be sure. Every landing, pilot and Airport is different.
TheGDCaptain 1
Oh, Eddie Wayne! Keep this up. We were just talking about you in the crew room- we need some more lies and fantasies that don't involve us to keep line dog flying fun!

Roll them transco trucks, boss! Keep these lies a-flowin! HAHA!

You personify the non-essential bus.

[This poster has been suspended.]

TheGDCaptain 2
This check airman disagrees.

[This poster has been suspended.]

chalet 0
about exactly what, Airbus was the first one to come up with composite materials for manufacturing airplanes, if you are not aware, and by the way both make excelelent aircraft.

[This poster has been suspended.]

alistairm 2
Autoland was developed by the British. C. Donald Bateman, a Canadian engineer, developed/invented EGPWS.
chalet 1
I wonder which is Sir Frank Whittle`s country of origin, yes the chap who invented the jet engine in the late 1930's.
chalet 0
All these pilots complaining that the 787 did not touch down firmly like landing on a carrier are just envious because then can't do greasers even with Super Cubs on 10,000 ft. long runways (LOL!!!)
tim mitchell 0
And Air Force One lands @ KAVL
tim mitchell 1
still a cool video though
A.J. Orsino -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Oh Yes! The 787 Comes to DCA!
The big Jumbo Jet had its wheels touchdown at DCA on Monday after a short flight from IAD. The 787 will sit at DCA for most of the week.
Matt Molnar -4
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Fat Guy On a Little Runway: Boeing 787 Dreamliner Lands at Reagan National

Boeing’s 787 Dream Tour made its way to an improbable destination on Monday — Washington’s Reagan National Airport — a field that will almost certainly never see scheduled 787 service due to its size constraints.


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