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Four of the world's strangest runways

Four particularly offbeat runways as compiled by Premier Holidays. ( Más...

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Shadowstarz 0
KATL is one of my favorite airports of pass by. In my trucking days my favorite part was commming I-75 north to I-285 west (or was it south?). As you come off the leaf you only have but a second of two and marvel at the site. A straight in view of the 27's! The view is so nice to see you'd think you were on approach yourself! I haven't been near ATL since the new runway was built, but I presume it'll have the same affect on me.

Now Gibraltar, WOW! Never think I'd see something like that. But when you have a small strip of land and LOTS of traffic, what can you do? Awsome spotting trip if you ever take one.
ron971 0
Just one question about Kobe. Do you have to "Call the ball" on short final?
mayday319 0
The Gibraltar runway would be awesome. Hopefully no one decides to run through the gate. That would be like a whole other incursion.


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