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Ryanair boss tells the Eurocrats to their faces what he thinks of them

Watch this clip of Michael O'Leary, boss of Ryanair, telling the Commission apparatchiks, with pitiless honesty, where they have gone wrong. He's spot on, of course...absolutely brutal. ( Más...

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hardworker7 0
He's on the wrong side of the Atlantic!
mattdavis 0
Great talk on innovation. Thanks for posting.
canuck44 0
I must admit it was delightful watching the administrative slugs trying to smile around their clenched teeth.
The audience didn't really seem to find it as humorous as me. Guess they don't like being roasted.
pete weston 0
need more like him here in the states only sw comes close same way of doing biz same aircraft type!!!!
Daniel Stecher 0
He's a comedian, actor, innovator, aviator and a role model for the industry. Good guy!
canuck44 0
The best part is that the media and the Eurocrats have no clue whether he is serious when he throws out ideas, many probably for free publicity. Why pay to advertise when you can suck them all in to do it for free by claiming you are going to remove toilets or make them pay stalls, put in seat back porn or remove seats and just install upright standing back supports.

He plays them like a fiddle and they go for it every time.


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