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1 dead in SR22 plane crash near Danbury, CT Airport

A 64-year-old Kansas man was killed Sunday night when a small plane crashed as it was preparing to land at Danbury Municipal Airport, according to authorities. The plane, a single-engine Cirrus SR22 registered to a company based in Mission Hills, scraped the home of a 91-year-old woman before crashing into her backyard at about 8:10 p.m., officials said. ( More...

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Jeff Lawson 0
Flight track for N438CP at

Also an actual photo of it
Bcap 0
Wow. This pilot took off from my home airport in Olathe. I live 5 minutes from where he lived. So sad to lose someone in the small aviation community in KC.
Toby Sharp 0
they have the cheapest fuel on the Danbury Airport
petercwelch 0
Said to be on an IFR flight plan but hit a lighted tower on approach to R 26. No approach to that runway. ? cirle to land? Sad story. Tough airport for those not familiar with its geography. Always fly the approach at night at any unfamiliar airport.


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