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Burbank businessman arrested over feeding of birds at airport

For nearly a year, officials have been trying to figure out what to do with Charles Douglas. The 59-year-old owner of Precise Roofing Co. in Burbank has been feeding flocks of pigeons since at least September 2010, officials say, which — beyond violating municipal code — has created a major safety hazard for jet airplanes using the nearby Bob Hope Airport as the birds' numbers have grown into the hundreds.... ( Más...

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linbb 0
This again is old news has been here before
...several weeks ago, yes. But, I still think it's foolish to attract birds towards an airport. After the 'Miracle on the Hudson', the public has little sympathy for people who do this, especially when they've been warned not to do so.
Matt Comerford 0
darn gubbiment
jhakunti 0
He sounds like a sick guy who shouldn't be allowed on any airliners.
Victor Ortiz 0
Is there now way for FlightAware posters to check on whether a story has already been published?
Marcus Pradel 0
Arrested for feeding pigeons? are we getting a little touchy?

Next, we should all get special permits to shoot down any birds flying within 3 miles of an airport.

This is hardly comparable to pointing lasers at airplane cockpits.
EDWARD moore 0
My son fly s out of there, remove the risk.......
"Bob Hope and other commercial airports are required to have wildlife mitigation plans, but those requirements don't apply outside airport grounds, Gregor said."

Outside airport grounds? Bob Hope Airport is about 3 miles away from this guys business. Why do I feel there is more to this story than being told? This is bullshit....
eagle5719 0
Even after a jetliner sucks in a load of pigeons and goes down, this guy will still say: "I don't know why I can't still feed my pigeons".
Wingscrubber 0
Feed them bread with bicarbonate of soda rubbed in. Problem solved.


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