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How Airbus is accommodating Qantas A380 refit

Very few aviation industry observers would have predicted Qantas to have selected Airbus as the overhaul partner for its 12 A380 aircraft as the airline seeks to fully revamp the upper deck and perform a lighter refresh on the main deck. ( Más...

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gordon bartley 3
Nice to see a picture with the old aboriginal patterned uniform before the current boring outfit..Pan Am..? Best seat in the Pacific...
Ric Wernicke 4
I don't need a suite with a door, or a frilly designer collection of Googie style elements. I need a plain comfortable seat like First Class on the old Pan Am, or the business class sofa on Singapore's A340-500. Now, that was a seat!

Daniel Rankin 0
Well said Ric. A comfy seat is all I need too.
bigkahuna400 0
I think it is more based on price etc. I am sure Qantas said, "help us out here and severely discount it, or we can start returning and retiring some A380's as well, which is not good for Airbus at this point as has been started by some airlines in the near future. This severely drives down the aftermarket prices.


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