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Super Bowl Sunday Was a Super Day for Bizav

According to online flight data provider FlightAware, the two airports saw more than 700 general aviation departures in the 24 hours following the game’s final whistle. ( Más...

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Ken Hardy 6
Great for business in general, those planes were built by someone, they have to buy fuel, someone has to fly them, someone to handle them on the ground and someone to maintain them. I am not a one of the 2% in this country but I have made money off of the 2% for years, more power to them.
Toby Sharp 1
Not to mention The pax rent cars, spend money, stay in hotels, bought tickets, merchandise ect.....
Brian Bishop 5
What's the problem? If tickets to the "big game" were $20, they'd need a stadium with a million seats. How crappy would that view be?
Supply and demand people, rich people go to the Super Bowl, us regular Joes watch it on TV.
Watch the traffic at KDAB I a few weeks!

Marcus Pradel 5
Yeah, 2-3 Hour taxi lineup waiting for IFR departures.. done that!
btweston -4
Not rich people so much as people with corporate connections. Brave New World.
Toby Sharp 2
aka RICH
Fritz Steiner 3
Just imagine how bad things would've been if POTUS had decided to attend the Super Bowl.

HIS private jet (and the supporting gaggle of C-17s) would've put a real crimp in available ramp space.
James Long 3
Not just the lack of ramp space, Fritz, because he's the Prez, the whole area would be shut down by a TFR! Nothing in, nothing out.
Jack Maner 2
I saw Gulfstreams flying over my house ALL SATURDAY AND SUNDAY from the west coast into New Orleans, and I figured it was all the fat cats flying in to see the big game. Sure enough, they ALL were going to New Orleans. I live in Central Texas, about 50 miles west of Austin, and you could see Gulfstreams cruising at 550 kts.
Obviously you don't understand the engine(s) that drive economics in this country.
Oh I do. Those are the guys who drove the price of a ticket to $650 (face value) and could care less about the game. I prefer the crowd that chartered 30 flights from Baltimore or 30 from San Fran. Real fans.
Loren Lintner 2
If each of the 600 private aircraft was carrying on average 5 passengers to the game, thats only 3,000 seats. Superdome holds 72,000. Seems like you need another excuse to hate the other 69,000 for rasiing prices. BTW, if you flew your 30 charters each from SFO and BWI (60 flights) with 400 passenger B747-400s that's another 24,000 people. you left 45,000 open seats in the stadium. Some people are unable to pay more than $20 a seat, but those who are unwilling don't get to judge others about being "real fans".
cmp5n -1
Real fans are willing to pay higher prices to see the game. Being poor doesn't make you a real fan.
I'm not poor and I bought my son and I a ticket. But I'm a football fan. I retract all statements I made. Obviously it is my opinion and no one else share same. Lets talk about flying instead :)
Toby Sharp 2
Don't retract your statement just because nobody shares the same opinion! But ya let's talk airplane, we are all still friends Swamp
It is a kind of life for someones in the world.
mx747 1
If I were a gazillionaire I'd pack all my buddies into my G5 and take them anywhere they want. Isn't that the reason we work are asses off all day? This world is full of lazy people who get nowhere in life because they simply don't work . There's even more who work plenty hard enough but still they scrape by. I say it takes A bit of Luck to be a success. You can find it at the intersection of dedication and preperation. Hard work, Honesty, and integrity is the road map to success. You don't need a LearJet to be considered a success. I'm more disturbed that a person could make $5million/year to kick a football while there are people working 100 times as hard building this country for $20/hr.
Toby Sharp 1
you mean $7 an hour
Joseph Burlas 0
Go Ravens!
That right there is everything that is wrong with the Super Bowl.
blake1023 9
Tell that to the City of New Orleans, and all the folks who work at those FBOs...


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