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Airbus scraps Qatar Airways order for 50 A321neo aircraft as crisis deepens between two companies

TOULOUSE, FRANCE — On Jan 20, the European aerospace giant raised the dispute to another level with its largest customer Qatar Airways. The planemaker revoked the orders of the Qatari carrier for 50 A321neo aircraft. ( Más...

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Gavin Waters 6
I think it is fair to say that the commercial relationship started to deteriorate long ago and well before the latest actions. Last year Bakar himself is quoted as saying something like the issue was very serious and he didn't think Qatar Airways could work with Airbus any more. If Airbus was trying to fix the planes but Q.A. couldn't agree a solution, called it a safety issue that Airbus and EASA did not agree then Airbus sought legal mediation, then Q.A. took them to Court the escalation had already happened. Q.A. even wants the Court to stop Airbus delivering further A350's. It is not too surprising to me that Airbus decided to simplify things and completely terminate the relationship after all these events and public statements by Bakar about their A350 (and disparaging remarks about the A380) while other airlines continue to fly their A350's and A380's. I think the dispute says much more about Qatar Airways and its management failures than about Airbus and their products.
David Morgan 3
From the article:

"Qatar Airways, which has recently sued Airbus over A350 painting quality issues, claims for US$600 in compensation. The case will be handled at Britain's High Court."

Umm, I'm guessing the dropped an "M" after US$600...
No, seems about right for a few buckets of paint(!) - but nice catch on the typo. We have the world and his/her/their/its dog queuing to use Britain's High Court for all sorts of piddling arguments.

I'm actually standing with Airbus on this one (anyone else got paint problems?). Why sell a grumpy customer more means by which they might seek to sue you?
Clearly this is a commercial decision. But sad to see Qatar isolating itself.
Ranjeet Patil 2
Qatar Airways have very rude people in their management as well as customer relations. This has been highlighted lately when I was tryin to get my refund for cancelled flights due to Covid. I have not got any refund since two years. The quality of customer care has degraded over two years as they are recruiting customer representatives cheaply based on a religious bias.


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