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Plagued with outdated airport terminals, the US is playing catch-up to Singapore's Changi Airport, consistently ranked the world's best

Consistently ranked the best in the world, Singapore's Changi Airport is one of the busiest on the planet. But it has plenty to keep you from complaining about crowds; there are movie theaters, gardens, even a rooftop pool and hot tub with runway views. ( More...

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ian mcdonell 3
I agree - Singapore is the best of airports I have been to for passenger comfort and movement, but LAX is easily the worst for both these items
saso792 5
I don't think the average customer cares how outdated the airport terminals are as long as they are clean, in good repair and you can get from point A to point B in a timely manner. Having the newest and best will only add costs to our already stressed wallets.
s2v8377 5
I am so tired of these stupid stories. Almost all of the US major airports are not clean sheet airports of the 21 first century. How do you make a new airport in New York or Los Angles??? There's no room and no one would let you build it even if there was room. So you say why not just fix up the existing airports. Well than what do you do. Shut down JFK, ORD, or LAX while you do it. That doesn't work. The end result is airport operators have to work with 20th century spaces to recreate 21st century airports while there in use. LGA is an example of that. You add the bureaucracy of government agencies to the mix and it only makes the situation more complicated.
Don Quixote 4
Travel to Atlanta's international terminal. New and modern. They've been upgrading the entire airport now with billions in investment, why doesn't CBS show that?
Coalora 4
Stories about America's failings (real or imagined) are far more popular now, and no doubt will ramp up significantly in the coming year.
I flew through there earlier, and WAS impressed how clean it was. Which amplified the disaster that DTW is. Delta obviously 'owns' ATL, and it shows. Georgia should be proud of that airport. It was easy to get around and, yes clean.

DTW is filthy, jet bridges are falling apart, the tram has a long history of being broken, restaurants are on tight schedules and have a grungy look.

There are great people that work at that airport, but it's obvious that management just doesn't care. It's a damned shame. I remember going through there shortly after it opened. Such a change from the old Smith terminal. Gleaming, shiny, beautiful. Now? It's just sad...
Coalora 3
The completely new terminal at my base, IND, is a very clean, easy to use, and attractive airport. It's consistently voted among the top mid-size airports in the country and it's well worthy of its accolades. Trouble is "America is falling apart" or "America is horrible because X, Y, Z" or "America needs to be more like Europe/Asia" stories grab the headlines and keep the news sensationalist rather than informative. It sells so it will continue, and any improvements not mentioned will continue to be ignored.
DTW was a MUCH needed upgrade to the existing terminal.

The day it opened, there was no toilet paper. It hasn't gotten much better. I just flew through there, and the men's room floor looked like it hadn't been mopped in a month! The toilets were very dated, and some had cracks in them. The counter tops were actually slimy! The stall walls were dented, and some were missing screws.

The people in charge of taking care of that once amazing airport aren't even phoning it in. The terminal is a total mess!!! Hell, one of the terminal trains wasn't even running! Really?

They need to be fired!!! After the original terminal was kept open for decades too long, WTH!!! I'll bet the locals and travelers are still paying top dollar for that too. GRR!!!
s2v8377 2
Wow, with it being a Delta hub, and them being the "Perfect" airline I can't believe DTW could have any problems.

Me neither. I was disgusted.

But Delta inherited DTW from NorthWest. I heard they put money up for the new terminal, but have been hesitant to contribute much more. It's run by a local city council group I think, and that should change. It's a shame to see that terminal falling apart like it is.
Can't think of anyone who would want to spend more than couple of hours in IND. Its a nice airport but very limitef.
Greg S -1
Nobody gives a shit. Even frequent business travellers want little more than a quiet place to enjoy a cup of coffee and relax away from the madding crowd. A indoor garden does sound nice. A movie theater? A pool and hot tub? Ridiculous.
Viv Pike 4
You have obviously never spent 14 hours in transit in an airport .... As a "Frequent Business Traveler", I have.
Mike Mohle 2
How about sound proofed "sleep pods"? That would be a good feature I would pay for on long layovers.


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