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Pilot for American Airlines arrested at Louisville airport for 2015 triple homicide

Officials say Martin was indicted Friday by a grand jury in the deaths of Calvin Phillips, his wife Pamela and Edward Dansereau. According to authorities, on or around Nov. 18, 2015, Calvin Phillips was found shot to death in his home in Pembroke, Kentucky. Pamela Phillips and Dansereau were found a few miles away in a corn field inside Pamela Phillips' car, which was burned. ( Más...

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linbb 12
Ok how stupid was this deal? Why wait until he was at the airport? It caused the flight to be delayed sounds more like someone was doing some grandstanding rather also it could have turned bad with many people around. DUMB way to do things.
Laura Gammons 3
Exactly. Way to delay a flight and cost thousands of dollars to passengers over a crime he committed while off duty.
George Cottay 1
We do not know when the arrest warrant was issued. I suspect the LEOs involved were not happy about the presence of a crowd.
Airline related news?
David Turner 2
Grand jury decided there was enough evidence to try him in court. He's not guilty..yet.
patrick baker 4
a simple traffic stop would have sufficed. Where was the clear thinking, the avoidence of possible violent public event.....???
matt jensen 5
Exactly. Doing it at the airport endangered hundreds of lives. A grandstanding perp walk for the cameras?
Laura Gammons 2
Maybe its an election year and the sherriff needed a boost
paul gilpin 1
what episode of "hill street blues" was this based on?

OMG!!! have i just shown my age??
Glen Horton 1
Just a little. Right there with you.
Steve Melillo 1
LIE- He is NOT an American Airlines Pilot. Stupid uneducated Media at work again. He is a PSA First Officer which contracts with American Airlines that handles their Regional Routes. Morons. SMH........
chalet 1
Yes but American is the ultimate responsible pat for whatever misdeed this guy makes while on duty and before that, it is also responsible for having hired him.
Steve Melillo 1
I did not say anything about who is responsible. I was stating a fact that he does not work for AA. He works for PSA and his paychecks reflect that. And you are totally incorrect as to his Company being responsible for all of his actions that he has had in the past. If I got a DUI 20 years ago my Company is NOT responsible for that. I am responsible for my behaior and have to answer for them.
chalet 1
In case you don't know, PSA is a wholly owned subsidiary of American then AA becomes party to any misdeeds, and God forbids accidents too.

if you read the article, it does not state exactly how the man was arrested,what means were used,no mention of weapons or "danger" to people in the terminal nor other employees..the woman quoted merely said you could see the stress on peoples faces and that she was unhappy about having to be put on another flight..i don't see how anyone could consider "hundreds of lives endangered", by the description given in the article..i also will point out that psa is a regional subsidiary of american airlines,and the article states that fact..the only thing that might have been changed is having the headline say.."pilot for psa-american airlines subsiary- arrested for triple homicide"...second guessing the methods and means of law enforcement from an article is a little off base..if these murders occurred in 2015, and this is 2019,thats quite a long time for someone to be out and about,let alone be flying for any commercial carrier,and the article does say he has been under suspician for a while...
I saw this on the mainstream news last week. Why is his occupation so important in this story? I don't get it ...
The editor of the paper and the reporter decided to include this AVIATION related I D 'cause people read AVIATION related news.. Aviation had nothing to do with this.
siriusloon -5
For the armchair cops sitting safely at home and criticising how he was arrested, a traffic stop can alert people to the possibility that something's up. He obviously hasn't forgotten what he did, so a traffic stop for no apparent reason would alert him and he might be armed. Arresting him at the airport where a heavy security presence is normal and he's less likely to be either suspicious or armed seems far more sensible.

But don't let that stop you "experts" from telling us how you would have done it better.
matt jensen 5
Son in law is a provincial cop - read the article to me over dinner yesterday - said it had endangered hundreds of people. I asked him what he would have done. He said two of his patrol cars at a traffic light.
dnorthern 1
Thanks for your “expert” opinion. You know, the same type of opine that you criticized others for making. Btw, “he may have been..listhesexond consin to the childish “what if” arguement.


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