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SoutWest finishes the check of CFM56-7B engines it started after the April 17 incident

Dallas - The US low-cost operator SouthWest Airlines has finished the inspection of all CFM56-7B engines of its 737 fleet following the April 17 incident. ( Más...

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pilotjag 1
I applaud you for knowing how to spell "Southwest"! Bravo!
Roy Hunte 1
Lol, Soutwest, just down from de Nortwest, Rotfl.
ffrcobra1 0
It’s amazing how SW was opposed to the inspections that the FAA proposed after the fan blade failure over the Gulf of Mexico in 2016 because the time frame was too restrictive and they couldn’t possibly get all their engines inspection in such a short time frame. After someone dies they manage to inspect all their engines in a bit more than a month. Another example of Tombstone Mentality from both SW and the FAA.


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