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Pulses quicken as fighters track ’hijacked’ plane

OVER THE PACIFIC (AP) — A Gulfstream passenger jet at the center of a U.S.-Russian military exercise was about to cross the International Dateline on Tuesday for the second time in three days, and some of the seven passengers seemed dulled by the dash across the Pacific and back. But they all perked up and the mood turned jovial when Air Force Tech. Sgt. Paul Shoop called out, “They’re here!” ( More...

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antoinemb 0
That story sure got my pulse going !
nathan meldrum 0
Pretty awesome. Glad to see American and Russian forces working together.
Damian Lohrenz 0
I thought it was a hijacked plane until I read more.. pretty cool!

Roy Bayless 0
Regarding the incident near Cuba; and the comment: "That's kind of classified"...

Can you say, "Rendition flight?"


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