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Alliance Airlines F70 in serious incident

An Alliance Airlines F-70 was involved in a ‘serious incident’ at Newcastle Airport (Williamtown) on Monday night. At 6.40 pm the jet, which was chartered for a short flight to Sydney, attempted to take off while lined up with the runway edge lights instead of the centre line. ( Más...

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Roland Dent 1
The author of this articlke is Ben Sandilands. What gripe has he got agin the ATSB? All the ATSB reports are readable and instructive. They are an Australian government funded authority but I have not detectected occlusions in the work they do so far. The NTSB in the USA do similar work. The ATSB do very good written reports and the NTSB do very good media presentations in live broadcasts. The only time anything gets censored is when the military make a faux pas. This will not change and cannot change.

John Watson 1
It would be more accurately described as a potentially serious incident that will probably have ramifications down the track for the PIC. The situation was recoverd without injury to those on board or the aircraft. The fact that Abbott has previously chartered the plane is irrelevant. The guy who writes this stuff is a dill with agendas but he's far from alone in the Oz media.
Roland Dent 1
I see. Now I know why the ATSB writes such wonderful reports so clear that a 12 try old could read them and apply what they learn.


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