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Fire at FAA building at Atlantic City airport

(CBS News) POMONA, N.J. - Firefighters are battling a two-alarm blaze at a Federal Aviation Administration technical building which prompted the temporary closure of Atlantic City International Airport. Officials tell CBS News that the fire began at about 12:10 p.m. in building 316, possibly on the roof where construction crews were working. The flames quickly spread to the adjoining headquarters building. ( More...

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Andrew Stagg 3
Picture of the fire from Twitter:

West coast flights don't seem to be delayed. SWA2797 (SAN-HOU) departed on time.
Dennis Harper 2
FlightAware is reporting the fire is causing a flight data tracker problem. I see many flights showing "estimated" in the flight data block. Also no GA data available. It reads
"News: Flight tracking data degraded in the US and Canada due to FAA data outage" near page top.
FlightAware's US and Canadian flight tracking was fully restored about half an hour ago.
Steven Alt 2
On flight now from msp to lga, on indefinite hold due to the fire
Steven Alt 2
We were held on a groundstop til 6, with fire blamed
Steven Alt 1
Control told us that everything had to be input manually, delaying ops and slots, that's all I know from our flight.
JJ Johnson 3
Where is the redundancy? No fire or incident anywhere in America should disrupt ATC operations. All aspects of ATC should have an equally capable hot switch over backup if not the FAA should re-evaluate their infrastructure.
ynot ssor 1
One assumes any delays were due to visibility and potential particle ingestion by AC engines rather than any lack of ATC capability.

The article clearly stated in a paragraph of its own that "The airport was temporarily closed for precautionary measures."
Steven Alt 2
On flight now from msp to lga, delayed 3 hrs, and on indefinite hold due to the fire

Hope no souls were lost at the fire

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William Bannan 8
you're an idiot!!
Kawaiipoint2 3
What is wrong with you?
mboette 0
conmanflyer 1
winning- if it was a joke which i think it is :p some of the coolest people i know are FAA, just don't screw up very bad and they are easy people to get along with
Stonesurfer 2
No souls lost.
William Bannan 1
From local NBC affiliate
naamani lahbib 0
naamani groupe morocco tourism


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