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After much delay, Senate clears FAA bill

After passing 23 temporary extensions, the Senate voted 75 to 20 Monday to approve a long-term funding bill for the FAA and sent it to the president for his expected signature. The measure provides about $16 billion a year for FAA operations, airport construction and modernization. ( More...

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I believe 7.5 % is double taxation -- FET is already taxed on fuel as part of Transportation costs.
Gene - Is ORD the only player? Get out of your zip code once on a while buddy. Are drones covered by the Patriot Act or the FBI, CIA ? Cute stunt boys.
Brad Littlejohn -1
You also miss this nice little tidbit with this bill:

The Reds slipped in a nice little bit authorizing the use of UAVs (read: DRONES) to be used domestically, in and over US Airspace.

Yes, peeps, the Reds slipped in a bit that all but authorizes the use of spy planes on their own people.

And people talk about Obama being a failure.
boughbw 0
I love it. Aviation safety is at-stake and the Republicans are concerned about pork. When something goes wrong, they blame the underfunded FAA that they've refused to give a clear mandate to in years. Heads they win, tails you lose.

You wonder why they don't have a shot in November? Aside from not having viable candidates anyone outside the GOP likes and not even being able to run their own primaries, that idiot, Senator Inhofe, really is a leader in the GOP.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, Google "Inhofe," "landing," and "FAA."
With $16B a year up for grabs you know there are fingers in the cookie jar big time. The Windy City group will not be at the back of the pack. As Gene pointed out some things just don't change much.
Gene spanos 3
Hey Hey - it's payday for the Daley's at fat city - aka: ORD>
Hey- maybe now they can build that statue of the old man
near terminal 2-3. An son Patrick just won----the WIFI contracts
too! Wow....a family that takes together - stays together...
And big brother Bill - the former lobbyist for UAL.
He too can help count the unearned $$$$ from O'Hare.
Hey what about the Gas light club ownership ? Ald. Burke please pass
the scotch and soda...sir!Then we have brother John with the insurance deals
and finally maggie's girl friend who also made millions at ORD.
Source: The Brunner Report 2004
by the fmr U.S. Assistant Atty Terrence Brunner
The Aviation Integrity Project
indy2001 2
Pork has been part of the US budget since the first Congress. Would you put FAA into a perpetual holding pattern while every little scrap is rooted out? Although I personally hate connecting there, KORD is too important to the nation's air system to worry about a statue. This bill, imperfect as it may be, is way overdue.
sparkie624 -1
You would think being as Liberal has he is, he would have done this 3 years ago... He instituted Cash For Clunkers and all kinds of failures... Hmm, maybe that is the reason.. He does not want to give the money where it is needed.
preacher1 5
About time. I wonder how much of the small town subsidies were left in there?


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