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TUI Passengers Find Themselves in North Africa Instead of London Gatwick

LONDON — On a seemingly typical Saturday, TUI passengers were in for a surprise. Instead of landing at London Gatwick as anticipated, they found themselves descending towards an airport in North Africa. ( More...

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Chuck Lavazzi 14
Unfortunately, the article doesn't say how much advance notice passengers were given, whether or not they were given a good faith estimate of the length of the delay, and what compensation they were offered, if any.

All of which is pretty important information, IMO.
wannabehocker 17
Just tell the passengers ahead of time and offer them a free change..... unacceptable to do it without fully informing the passengers - which based on the article is what Happened
Juan Jimenez 8
“We deeply regret the inconvenience this may have caused our passengers. We're grateful for their patience and understanding.”

Yeah, whatever. Show me the cash.
Alan Glover 0
Nope. Fly w someone else if you don't like it.

OK, I will...Wait..
.You have a nonstop going where I want to go for how much? ;)
Chuck Lavazzi 1
Yup. If what you want is a cheap ticket then you can certainly get one. But it will definitely be a cheap ticket in every sense of the word.
Alan Glover 3
Why would you pay more?

Executive class gets you to your destination a half second earlier.

Smart people get a group together and fly private.

Now THAT'S the way to go.
Chuck Lavazzi 1
"Why would you pay more?" For a more comfortable in-flight experience, obviously.

People with lots of money and identical travel plans get together and fly private. For the vast majority of us, that's not an option.
Alan Glover 1
An inexpensive flight can be grand and an expensive one can be not so.

It is true that private flights are expensive and the very rich don't share but it still is THE way to go.
Chuck Lavazzi 1
"An inexpensive flight can be grand and an expensive one can be not so" Possibly. That's why it's necessary to comparison shop.

I'm not really sure what your point is here.
Philip Jackson 4
In 1974 we were returning from Majorca, at 10 pm we were called to the aircraft but the told to return to the departure lounge as there was a problem with the aircraft. 11 pm the airport staff went home giving no details of why the delay. Everyone had to sleep in the lounge. At 5 am staff arrived and gave us a voucher for a coffee & dry sandwich. Apparently a lorry driver had backed into the air intake. Mid morning a 737 arrived from Manchester with engineer and replacement air intake. The people who were on the 737 were kept on the aircraft in the heat as the authorities would not let them disembark. Mid afternoon we were back in the air and on our way home. All through the process the words ‘sorry’ or ‘compensation’ were never heard.

Happy days
Alan Glover 2
Same not so bad in DR.
Bum APU. Damn it got hot on that ac.

First world problem though.
Elliot Cannon 4
If you were one of the passengers who were waiting on the ground in Tunisia for that part to fix the airplane they were to fly home on, you might all have a different attitude.
Dean Brossman 4
It would seem to me, that a charter would have been more economical. once you figure in maintenance cost for one cycle, fuel, landing fees, ATC fees, crew costs for extra flight time and customer inconvenience.
Tom Winsemius 1
But, TUI is a charter.
21voyageur 2
Bus at 34,000 feet. What does one expect? Welcome to low-cost flying folks. As stated elsewhere, every pax will be back if the price is right.
Chuck Lavazzi 2
FWIW I looked up the flight on SeatGuru. It's a standard flying bus; 3+3 layout throughout, 28" W and 17.2" pitch. Imagine being stuck for four house in that thing. In Tunisia. In the summer.
Mike Ellering 1
Having flown in four of TUI Antique 737-800's in the last year. I'm not suppressed of the technical issues. They need to replace the 12-13 year old 737-800 with better aircraft. I.E. A320 NEOs ect.
The airline really treats it customers badly.
Alan Glover 2
They have to pay for them first.

Airplanes are very expensive.
Adrian Jenkins 1
Many of you are talking about this situation from a US perspective. TUI is a European low-cost airline. It being low-cost means that you can't expect all the perks of a full-service carrier like frequent flyer miles etc. To be honest, a four-hour delay is really nothing for a low-cost carrier and it got another of their aircraft in the air.
Bandrunner 1
"Instead of taking you home, we're going to a third world craphole."
"Oh, that's fine, no difference, then."
Jim Smith 1
This happened last year with a flight from the UK (Forgot which origin) to Melbourne, FL when they had to deliver a new crew to Bangor, Maine after an earlier flight was grounded there due to a sick crew member.

It happens.
coinflyer 1
And I guarantee you not one of the passengers was credited the extra frequent flyer miles.
Do TUI even have an FFS?
Alan Glover 2
Is that up to the airline or the points aggregator?

Man if it didn't count I'd be making at least a phone call.
Doug Parker -1
@wannabehocker, yes, thank you. Well said.

When will the corporate lying, the corporate white lying, and the corporate "fingers in their ears la-la-la-la-la" ever end? It's grown to be so tiresome and so wearisome.

Time to start counting all of the elephants in the room and instituting accountability.
Alan Glover 1
"White" lying?

That's a new one on me...and it better be a typo or something other than the latest racist fad going around among your favorite neighbourhood neomarxists and their useful idiots.
Alan Glover -1
I can't believe that wasn't taken into consideration. Availability and timing must be the key factors.

Any upset passengers will fly on that Airline again if the route and price are right.
Raymond Hoff -2
And suppose it were to have stopped in Syria or Moscow to "deliver a part"? A very convenient was to hijack someone that is wanted in the third country.

Did all the passengers get to continue on to Gatwick or was there someone removed from the plane?
Alan Glover 1
Yeow. That doesn't bear thinking about.

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druck13 6
Did you read the article or just the headline?
And if you were sitting on the broken 737????
Alan Glover 4
And it was a wee adventure.

Now everyone on board can say they had been to Africa.
Alan Glover 5
He read a map in order to fly to Tunisia.


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