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Grounded Russian Antonov AN-124 Will Be Flown to Ukraine

Canada will give a grounded, Russian-registered Antonov AN-124 to Ukraine. The move comes amidst a new round of sanctions against the Russian government and enterprises within the country. ( More...

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Tom Calderwood 17
Dear I have an adblocker on my computer because I'm *tired* of being blasted by more real estate given to ads than stories, and all of them flashing crap in my face vying for my attention. It's like walking down an aisle at a carnival. I refuse to turn it off, and your story, no matter how interesting it may be, goes unread by me. I'll see it on another source.
Gary Schwartz 6
I couldn't agree more.
Don Hines 6
I 100% agree. Just for this site, I turned off my ad blocker. They still kept telling me to turn it off. I suggest they refine their algorithms to see that people have in fact complied. Otherwise, they can KMA (Kiss My ***)
Steve Horn 1
LOL. So you're angry that you decided to block content and now you can't see the content you want to see because you're angry at the content you don't want to see. You have a conflicted life bud...
Jesse Carroll 1
what is your ad blocker App?
Bruce Johnson 1
Here are a couple of free sources for the story:
Greg Kusiak 5
For those concerned it will be destroyed, Antonov Airlines had been operating its remaining cargo fleet out of Leipzig Germany since the troubles began. And I suspect it’ll be repainted with Antonov livery before it gets anywhere near Russia, and get a new Ukrainian Registration.
Greg Kusiak 6
It’s unfortunate that it’s being publicized that this is what will happen, rather than an announcement after the fact that it has happened- doing it this way puts any of the type with Ukrainian registration at risk of Russian reprisal, either directly or from sympathizers
Leander Williams 2
Can Canada legally [under international law] release a Russian-owned aircraft to Ukraine? I could see them doing so if the aircraft was being leased by Russia. But to give a Russian asset to Ukraine, in my opinion, may be the ammunition for Putin to really escalate the conflict to new levels. Perhaps even shooting the aircraft down as it transits to Ukraine.
Franz Waldner 1
Russian troll ??
Adrian Spalka 1
Wrong forum for political disputes.
You want an opinion on international law? => Find the audience somewhere else.
srobak -1
That condition already existed - or did you think they were going to stop with the 225?
John Taylor 8
As long as Canada is giving away Russian property, maybe they can give me a couple million dollars from some Russian oligarch. Maybe one of their yachts too.
bleusharque 4
I wish people wouldn't post articles "protected" by the dreaded paywall.
Stephen Holmes 7
Hopefully the Canadian government loads a few of the Leopard battle tanks on it before it departs
Tim Dyck 5
Sorry but Canada is all out of operational tanks. We gave the last 4 to the Ukraine so if it comes to any conflict were our own people matter our military is all out. But hey our PM admitted he has no interest in meeting Canada's NATO commitments so you Americans are going to have to pick up our slack. We presently have the worst government in the history of Canada.
Jeraboam 5
And, clearly some of the least informed and politically biased voters influenced by anonymous American news sources.
Jake Grafton 2
We feel your pain and are in the same boat.
Juan Jimenez 7
Stop posting news from They will not show you content unless you them permission to blast you with ads, cookies and trackers. Disgusting company.
Mike Williams 2
I agree. Just another scam to get more money.
stuart landau 2
skylab72 2
Name her "Brave Like Bacmut"!
Joe Keifer 2
Well I hope there is an airport of runway still in good enough condition to take this gift.
srobak 2
There are several. International freight to Ukraine has continued at several airports in the west.
Kevin Keswick 1
Are you sure about that? It would be a suicide mission for any Aircraft to fly into Ukraine airspace even in the west! The Russian S-400 aid defense system can take out any aircraft in Ukraine airspace
skylab72 1
Name her "Brave Like Bacmut"!
Eugene spray 1
David Waterman 1
I remember remarking to the rest of my family when we landed recently at YYZ that this was probably part of the sanctions imposed on Russia. It looked very forlorn parked on the edge of the airport but in full view. I hope Ukraine get the opportunity to make good use of it.
Jean Bernard BONALDI 1
Bravo et très bonne initiative
Steve Jensen 1
Page still won't load after deactivating Ad blocker...
Wolfgang Holst 1
That's telling them, Tom.
Eddie Eiland 1
I will not turn off mu add blocker for anyone so your things go unread by myself and many others.
mark webb 0
Heh people, we need to get our priorities right. There's a war going on and people are dying daily.who cares about a aeroplane. Tell that to the children who are orphaned, or the parents who have lost their children .
srobak 11
Those is an aviation page and that plane is capable of significant airlift operations to support exactly the people who were most impacted by this conflict.
21voyageur 17
Who cares about an airplane? Are you thinking with your heart or your head? Do you know what an AN-124 actually is? A very large heavy-lift cargo aircraft can and will be used to support Ukraine's efforts against the oppressor and those impacted by the invasion including the orphans and parents having lost children that you have mentioned. Jeez man, open your eyes. What you see may not be pretty but look at the full picture.
Dale Ballok 4
Very well stated to someone who has blinders on!
David Purtz 1

From a Google search.

Would Ukraine use it remotely to serve their needs of getting supplies into the country? Seems dangerous to land it for any length of time in Ukraine.
Wayne Schuman 1
This might help
Miles Schumacher -1
The plane is not Canada's to give without it considered stolen under international law. it is moves like this that will ultimately topple the west. Sorry folks, we aren't thinking smart.
srobak 6
To the contrary - the seizing of international assets of derelict governments and companies is a brilliant move and sends a clear message to act right.
Michael Reynolds -1
The AN-124 will likely serve as a Russian missile target

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Roy Hunte 16
Umm, how many aircraft have Russia stolen from lessons since Feb '22?
Roy Hunte 7
Should say lessors.
Dale Ballok 7
Funny, but isn’t that what Russia does with our people who are over there?
srobak 2
It's a C-5sky. And to those who might try that with American assets - good luck.
Michael Dealey 1
That might be a believable statement if we had an actual Commander-in-Chief in the White House.
What an ignorant individual you are.
21voyageur 1
Backfiring massively? Really? Please elaborate.
sparkie624 -1
UGH... Would be a nice article if it was not a Pay Wall... thanks for sharing the info.
James Simms 2
Worked for me
Malcolm Wallace -4
If the AN-124 is sent to Ukraine before the WAR is finished, IT will be Destroyed, Let Ukraine have it after the WAR is OVER
skylab72 7
I must assume you have no reliable info sources in South Central Europe. The Ukrainians have aircraft of various sizes in the air every day. There is a virtual freight train of cargo aircraft coming and going from Ukraine. Another of this very type, UR-82008, named "Brave like Kherson" is seen worldwide. Russia's "Air Superiority" is a joke anyway, but they have no control of the airspace where this particular ship will be most useful.
skylab72 1
I must assume you have no reliable info sources in South Central Europe. Ukraine has aircraft of various sizes in the air every day. There is a virtual freight train of cargo aircraft coming and going on a tactically irregular basis. Another of this very type, UR-82008, named "Brave like Kherson" is seen worldwide. Russia's "Air Superiority" is a joke anyway, but they have no control of the airspace where this particular ship will be most useful.
Kevin Keswick -7
This is really a disgusting story. The Volga-Dnepr AN-124 had just delivered Covid test kits to Toronto when it was illegally seized i.e. IT WAS ON A HUMANITARIAN MISSION!

How does the Canadian government have the right to seize PRIVATE PROPERTY from a PRIVATE COMPANY just because the company is based in Russia? I suppose it is not surprising. Trudeau seized the bank accounts of Canadians who disagreed with him. The rule of law doesn't mean anything to him.

This will have negative consequences for Canada in the future. Canadian companies have relied on these AN-124 aircraft for critical shipments of heavy equipment that no other aircraft can accommodate. The alternative by ship and rail take many weeks longer.
Matt West 6
When you invade another country and start a war (I know your beloved leader calls it a special operation), there are consequences.

Besides, Russia stole a bunch of Airbus and Boeing civilian aircraft…or does that not count because the glorious motherland took the action. (Sarcasm mode off).

There’s plenty of other providers of heavy airlift throughout the world…civilian and military. So get over yourself…


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