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Learjet departs Logan International despite lack of clearance

Learjet created a "close call" and JetBlue flight had to abort landing and take evasive action as Learjet takes off on intersecting runway. ( More...

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bbabis 23
There were two pilots on the lear. Even after reading back the clearance, they both thought departing was ok? That plane has a CVR. It will be interesting what's on it.
Peter Fuller 14
The Learjet N280LJ flew to FLL after takeoff from BOS, 2:50 flight time. Relevant conversation on its CVR may have been lost, overwritten before landing at FLL.
dnorthern 2
Doesn’t ATC record ATC-pilot communication? If so, that will be the smoking gun…or not
John Cotton 10
I downloaded the LiveATC archived recording (KBOS-Twr-Feb-27-2023-2330Z) and they have deleted chunks of it at the time of the event. You can hear the tower controller's instruction for the Lear to line up and wait, but the call sign was deleted. Later you can hear a hurried "Jet Blue 206 go around" and later subsequent climb out instructions, but any comms with the Lear have been deleted. May be standard practice if there's going to be an investigation. I'm sure the Lear got a phone number to call ;)
Michael Aronson 15
Boston Tower operates two frequencies at the same time (128.8/132.225), the LiveAtc audio captures both frequencies, but only plays one at a time. There is no deleted chunks, its just the way LiveAtc captures Logan Airport. FAA will have access to both frequencies discrete audio tapes.
sprint113 6
LiveATC also relies on user-captured radio. The location of the user, combined with the radio equipment (radio power, antennae) and location of the LearJet may result in the radio transmissions from the LearJet not reaching the user.
jmilleratp 12
If the investigation finds them at fault, pull their tickets for a year or more. Same with these other pilots who have endangered the lives of others.
bentwing60 10
If they flew over 2 hours to where ever they went it's gone.
sparkie624 6
Most Voice recorders are only 30 minutes... Does not take long to over write it... Very Few Lear Jet flights are less than 30 minutes!
bentwing60 5

30 min continuous, 2 hours for solid state digital units
bentwing60 0

30 min continuous, 2 hours for solid state digital units

Not jabbin' you sparkie but time marches on.
sparkie624 0
Most Voice recorders are only 30 minutes... Does not take long to over write it...
Matt Swinney 1
Does it matter what is on the CVR? Whatever is there can't be used for enforcement actions. What is on ATC tapes on the other hand....
Sick 'em boys.
1mooneymite 9
Just a "Line up and wait" as forceful as the former" Position and hold"?

The former phrase seems to use words that emphasize one another: Position/Hold. Both indicate non-movement.
jhakunti 5
I never fully understood why we changed that phraseology. It seemed like a not broken don't fix moment that was violated.
supercruiser1946 3
It was an ICAO thing. "Line up and wait" has been the international standard for a long time evidently and someone decided for standardization (taxi and runway signs and names were also changed to ICAO standards a long time ago) that the US standard should be the same as all the other ICAO member countries. ORD use to have some interesting taxiway names in the old days.
Phil Nolden 4
+1... Position and Hold is far more emphatic. Line up and wait sounds more like a taxiway instruction.
Richard Jacobs 5
KBOS has runway status lights (RESL). If in use at the time of this event, there would have been a "path" of red lights lit in the pavement at the departure end of 09.
William Ableman 3
Back in the day, you could have lost your license for doing that.
jbermo 4
Hah, shown on last night's national news was a picture of an old Lear 24.
John Taylor 5
My favorite is when there are news articles regarding USAF with Navy jet photos in the headline.
royalbfh 1
I never heard the tower or departure give them "A number to call", and the local only asked the Jetblue pilot what was the reason for the go around. So did the tower give the clearance and it was blocked from the liveatc feed or did she think that she had and was sorting it out? We must all keep up with SA. Glad it was just another "close call"..
James Cross 2
From what I understand, once they got to altitude center gave them a number
Jim DeTour 1
Where is Indiana Jones?
Robert Mack 2
Uhhhhhh, flying the Lear???


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