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American Airlines Restores CRJ200 Through Partnership With Air Wisconsin

Amid the retirement of American Airlines's CRJ-200s during the pandemic, American Airlines will reintroduce the 50-seater city hopper to its regional fleet mix. The airline announced a new agreement with regional carrier Air Wisconsin, basing up to 60 CRJ-200s mostly at its Chicago O'Hare hub. In exchange, Air Wisconsin will terminate services with United Express where it services United's hubs in Chicago O'Hare and Washington-Dulles. ( More...

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Chris B 20
CRJ's have one thing going for them.

They make your next flight, on a fully loaded 737 feel like luxury limo.
Roger Anderson 16
John D 4
Literally like riding in a box car
srobak 5
Ever ride in a Shorts 360? That's what Air Wisconsin used to run in the northern remote reaches - talk about a flying boxcar. It's like they tacked wings onto a city bus.
Scott Nemeth 5

Some of us are old enough to remember when a regional meant a Metroliner or Jetstream 31.
The seats were plywood covered in a thin layer of plastic something.
Gotta pee? Too bad. There might be a bucket between the pilots.


And bring your earplugs.

As for me, I thought the Introduction of the CRJ was the single greatest thing that ever happened in airline service if one lived in a smaller market, as I did.

It’s all relative…
sparkie624 2
WOW, The Good p;e days! I remember flying on them... Decades ago.
darjr26 5
The Shorts 360 is the box the Twin Otter came in.
Joe Schrider 3
I called it a flying Winnebago!
21voyageur 3
Yes, been on those a few times and indeed, looked and felt like a school bus at 18,000 feet. From memory, it was very noisy with a far from sophisticated interior. BUT as an enthusiast who looks for flights on different aircraft, it was wonderful!
sensfan2513 1
Rode one years ago from ALB to LGA on a rainy, nasty day. Let's say it took a while before I appreciated getting to ride the type lol
sparkie624 2
Not really... there are no seats in a Box Car... Standing Room Only... Don't forget SWA Years ago tried to get a Vertical set to where you basically stood for the entire flight, but the FAA would not allow it.
Bob Robar 3
You do realize that the vertical "set" you refer to was a concept joke and that Southwest played along. A bit of fun seems to upset people these days... Sad...
sparkie624 -1
No, even if it was, that is some of the stuff that SWA would pull... Very low respect for them. Worked for them for a very short period of time. I left because I was not going to risk my Job on them... Being Assigned to clean Oil out from under an engine that is a known leaker so that the crew would not right it up while the entire time knowing it needed an engine change...
Matt West 17
Good news for United passengers, bad for American. Why they would go backwards in terms of equipment and customer comfort is beyond me. Delta scrapped all of theirs which almost everyone was happy to hear about.

Then again, American is the only one of the big three that is removing in-flight entertainment systems while United and Delta are adding them. Seems America isn't going to be happy until they match Frontier for their service.
Roy Hunte 7
Match Frontier for service at a much higher price.
Michael Dendo 0
From what I have seen, matched Frontier mfor.comfort at a.lower price.
21voyageur 4
I think the answer to your initial question is: $$$$$$s. Do you think that customer comfort is important at this level of transportation? Bums in seats is all it's about these days. IMHO.
Michael Dendo 2
I like to call it the US AIR effect. Provide as little as possible for the customer. These guys have turned the airline into a glorified Spirit. Very sad for the passengers and most of the employees.
Matt West 2
The sad but harsh truth. I was a loyal AA Flyer (EXPLAT) for 15 years: 2003 - 2018. After the merger I saw the "Doug Parker" effect all too well. To witness an airline literally wither in front of you is a sad sight.
sparkie624 2
Very true.... I had just left USAir when he Bankrupted the company and then tried to take everyone's retirement, even the one's who were already retired from them... The Courts allowed him to take existing employees retirement, but not for the ones of us who had already left. Dough Parker is out for himself and no one else! I knew American was going the same route the day that they Merged as Parker was still on top of it all.... He needs to go.
Wyatt N-Johnson 5
Maybe Air Wisconsin will be able to pay their pilots more under AA Eagle rather than them being hamstrung as they are now by United.
21voyageur 3
Think it is a race to the bottom with any mainline torquing the feeders to death. If not one, then another. Just a brutal commodity environment where employees cut their chops and hope to make it to the big leagues.
Stephen Donnelly 6
American, the leader in old, tiny aircraft!
ko25701 5
I'd rather fly in a 152
Ian Campbell 4
I'd rather fly in Piedmont's old DH8-200. An EMB-135/145 too. AA truly putting $ ahead of passenger satisfaction. Good luck with that.
Michael Dendo 1
They have been doing that since acquiring the TWA assets in bankruptcy.
sparkie624 0
By Far... I used to work on those Old DH8-200's... those things would climb like a Home Sick Angel... Very solid aircraft and fairly comfortable.
Mark Kortum 2
If Air Wisconsin brings back their BAE146's that would be a great story!
David Boyd 2
Snowmobiles with wings!
Wyatt N-Johnson 3
United screwed the pilots who are/were in the college Aviate program. These newer pilots with 500+ hrs of turbine time were supposed to be moved up to mainline by mMarch of this year. Instead United chose to open their own flight schools. So a good part of the United pilot shortage is United's fault.
Cleffer 4
Gross. Make sure you keep those horribly tiny E-145s in the air, too!
John D 1
I am not that tall, but risk banguing my head every time I board one (which I tend to avoid).
Roger Anderson 2
Dear Aeroexplorer - Please remove that ad gateway. There are so many sites offering this same info for free, so you're doing yourself a disservice.
Dan Mitzel 2
Hate, hate, HATE the CRJ-200 sardine cans.

(Did I say I hate them? It's not a strong enough word, really. I left DAL after a steady "diet" of these *&^%$#@! Barbie jets.)
heiligenwho 1
AA is investing to disappoint pax. great strategy. unfortunately I am stuck with them at the moment for my commute. Really want to be back on Delta.
jhakunti 1
The 50 seat jet is still useful for small routes and EAS if a few airlines didn't rule the industry with scope Canadair would have had a market to stick around with.

But things as they are maybe Air Wisconsin can one day get those -550s although i don't know how matched the economics are with the -200. Maybe not good enough for the AA model but definitely can work for an airline with a Fresh business model.
sparkie624 1
GoJet is and will be the only carrier of the 550's... GoJet Owns the STC for that Mod!
jhakunti 1
Both gojet and the stc are traded assets.
Gunnar Hanson 1
Thanks for the heads up - now I know to steer clear of that airline.
bfcoats2 1
I sure love the taste of my knees!
sparkie624 -1
That is a good decision.. the CRJ200 is an excellent smaller regional. I have worked on many of them. In many ways I like them better than the CRJ700 or 900's in regards to a maintenance prospective.
Roger Anderson 10
Terribly uncomfortable from a passenger perspective
sparkie624 -4
They are more comfortable then the ERJ145's that they are currently using!
Dan Mitzel 5
Not if you're in an ERJ145 'A' seat they're not.
Wyatt N-Johnson -4
no worse than a B737-800 except for overhead bins.
mary susan watkins 0
the business strategy of the airlines in todays post pandemic world is hard to was just announced american,delta and united will be cutting MORE than 1000 flights each at the end of september,a large part of which is due to staffing shortages..i understand a balance is needed to fulfill regional routes,along with the major ones,so maybe this is in part some smaller cities asking to keep airline service that has been discontinued..yes, the smaller planes are uncomfortable,but people who want/need to fly to get to a destination will take that chance..i hope it works out for american..
Michael Dendo 0
Garbage for passenger. Q400 is even more comfortable.


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