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Collins Aerospace to acquire FlightAware

Collins Aerospace has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held FlightAware, a leading digital aviation company providing global flight tracking solutions, predictive technology, analytics, and decision-making tools. ( More...

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dbaker 52
The team that built FlightAware is deeply proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and is excited to continue to create revolutionary innovations for the industry. As the founder of FlightAware, I can see here our community loves what we’ve created and is passionate about it, which means a lot to me.

I reached this realization over 15 years ago when we released our first commercial services and our early adopters became concerned that we’d put an end to free flight tracking. Over a decade later, it’s still core to who we are, and core to the concerns of our community. So, after sixteen years, I’ve gotten used to people saying we’re going to change for the worse, and you should get used to the fact that it’s not.

We’re committed, as always, to continuing to offer the same high quality services we always have, with the same team (over 120 folks, of which 30 are pilots), and the same focus on quality and experience.


P.S. I hope this open forum is further proof of the above.
Good luck in your retirement
patrick baker 7
daniel. I am a big fan of flightaware, and i use it daily for aviation information and connection to other people interested in writing and talking about aviation topics, especially the squawks section. A topic becomes a squawk, people who know about it comment and contribute, and some who know little or nothing expound some too. There was Preacher who know all about flying complex aircraft and had lots of common sense to share. I have the same concern as the rest of the fans: what incentive do the new owners have to perpetuate this site as it has been for the times flight aware was yours? I don't think they have much incentive to leave well enough alone, and this is saddening. If they make it a site that extracts monthly payments, well i guess i will cough up the bucks. I have seen companies i liked acquired, then rearranged for the worse. Flight Aware is a precious gem- you made it so, If you are left in place and allowed to keep this site as is, i will be very pleased, very amazed. If you are entering retirement, enjoy the fruits of your vision and labor. I remain a fan. Thanks for the time this site mattered to me. patrick baker
Greg Mermel 3
Mark Henley 15
Today's open forum is no barometer for what Collins will turn it into within six months to a year.
Ar Jay 13
After 50 years in aerospace I have seen lots of takeovers or buyouts... I am betting it is going to change and everyone that had their heart into FlightAware, will be replaced by some bean counter whose sole interest is corporate profit. i.e. Collina takeover of ICG, in 6 months even the janitor was replaced (little exaggeration here but you get the gist)
srobak 3
Yep... Seen it too many times in too many industries firsthand. Including aerospace, software and online service offerings. Many buyouts are simply for trademark or technology acquisition and results in the outright elimination of the product. Don't be too shocked if that's what happens here, despite Daniel's message here. It's no longer at his discretion.
Tracy Banick 3
You should be deeply proud!
FlightAware has be instrumental in my aviation career. One of my jobs was to stay on top of flight information nationwide and how it impacted my airport.
I discovered you at the beginning of your site and you made me look really smart. You allowed me to stay on top of things to ensure the safety and comfort of airport users.
With that, I was able to inform and teach others how to navigate FlightAware.
FlightAware is so special and necessary.

With deep respect.
ADXbear 31
This sucks.. these changes never seem to improve the product.. if this Site becomes a pay site or the conversations rules change then I for one Will be gone!
wx1996 43
I was good while it lasted.
Bill Seward 6
The first thought that came to mind for me as well.
Tim Dyck 2
It was much better when I first signed up. When I first started following it was a great site for people like me who knew little about the industry to read and learn from comments from those were in the industry. The last couple years though it’s become more political and less informative.
patrick baker 50
congrats on the cashout. I expect to miss very soon the conversation on squawks, the looking up arrivals and departures throughout the world , looking at the flights and gleaning the insights from the freely given data and information. No idea what Collins was thinking acquiring this gem of a website, and I doubt they have plans to make it more useful, more pleasant to use, and free to the extent things around here are free. Makes no sense, darnit.....
Peter Garner 29
Lemme see now .. "no plans to change the system immediately" .. "we'll leave it to run for 6 months and then appraise the system".

I'm used to corporate-speak, so let's hope it doesn't come to this!
Cleffer 37
Every company says this when they take over another company. And then the changes start.
Peter Garner 9
They do! Thankfully I was not management, but when we were acquired, the existing management went through numerous rounds of applying for their own jobs, and really, the company lost way too many experienced people. It noticeably affected the company.
I do see both sides of the coin. I also work in, not the same business model. But,when a "I have been here for X years" manager tries to make a new CEO/Owner/Management Company in a bad light, well, off they go...
I have said the exact same thing in my professional life quite a few times. Then turn around and start firing managers....
Mark Henley 6
Operative word is "immediately"....
jbermo 34
Oh No! Hopefull all won't go to ruin the way giant IBM had done to Intellicast after buying them out!
Barry Witte 22
I was going to post the same comment about , which also was bought several times and now is IBM. WeatherUnderground used to be data-rich and included a great aviation weather section. Now it has been dumbed down to the point where it is useless.
crawleyjoel 5
I’ve been sending my weather station data to WU for years. Now it spends more time down than up. Sad what it has become.
boughbw 8
I miss Intellicast. The new-fangled way of displaying the legacy information just isn't cutting it. More or less, it was about buying out the competition to eliminate that choice from the market.
donjohnston 8
IBM? That's not the greatest threat to online weather. The Weather Channel is! Every time a decent weather source comes up, weather channel buys them and completely screws it up.
James Cox 19
You DO know The Weather Channel is OWNED by IBM right? lols
Dreamflight767 30
See ya flightaware.
Timothy Allen 14
Congratulations to the humans who developed a fun application. I've enjoyed Flightaware over the years. I can only hope Collins Aerospace continues the legacy of continuing to improve and make this fun.
John McManus 13
I suspect that there is more to FlightAware than most of us see and do not begrudge anyone deciding the future of their own creative ideas, including the sale of them. Personally I have some great memories of FlightAware and PiAware with my dad, who is now gone, and for that I thank you. I hope you all stay challenged and fulfilled in the next phase of your life's work, whatever that becomes.
Cleffer 12
When it comes to corporate changes, there's a distinct difference between "different" and "more useful". We tend to get used to certain features and how they operate a one way or another and something comes along and changes that and it upsets us. I'm going to try and keep an open mind with any site or features changes that happen in the coming months, but some things will not be forgivable.

For Example:

1. Fees for services or information we already have access to as ADS-B contributors, such as live flight data information, statistical information, airport information, historical information, etc.
2. Loss of our Executive level account status.
3. Squawks articles and conversations.

What I WOULD like to see? A graphics update. Sites like FlightRadar are visually captivating. FA should be, too. It's not. It's 2021. There's no need to look like a GeoCities page any more.
boughbw 5
Functional is in that bit as well. Yes, FlightRadar looks cool, but with my app and online, FlightAware functions better. I'll take app functionality over appearance every day of the week.
dardav 33
end of an era
Minivation 22
Up until now I have had nothing against Collins or Flightaware, but to be completely frank, I am rather upset about this acquisition and future transition. When these kinds of corporate acquisition deals go through, it is ultimately for the benefit of the buyer to maximize capital potential of the products/services newly added to the portfolio. (duh) Unfortunately the people that get left behind in the dust are the original clientele. OF COURSE there will be attempted reassurance that "nothing will change", "the same services/products you love are here to stay" but do keep in mind that (1) these promises/assurances mean NOTHING as they are not legally binding statements, and (2) when (not if) Collins, who ultimately foots the bills, finds the original service model of Flightaware not profitable as it *could* be, they will either hide everything the users currently have behind a paywall, or downright remove them all as it's no longer worth maintaining a front-end (user-facing) structure anymore.

Unless Collins and Flightaware publishes an explicit, legally binding statement that they will maintain the end-user service level for 10+ years (read: never), I will effectively consider Flightaware dead on the second the acquisition papers are signed and sealed.
Peter Garner 5
Some good points there! I'd also like to see a statement about intentions once/if the deal goes ahead. I realise this will take a while, but both companies should realise that the product that generates their revenue will only be as good as the data that feeds it. If the deal is onerous to the data contributors then they could we'll see data feeders shutting down or migrating to other services. Personally, I've invested a lot of time setting up and maintaining my feeder Pi, but at the end of the day, if it just isn't worth my while I'll pull the plug and use the Pi for something else.
Peter - that is a rational approach with which I agree. It globalisation and the pervasive nature of the Internet over the past 20 years have taught us anything, it is that - if there is a desire and a need - someone will set up a service. They may well be so successful that someone else wants to buy them out and monetise them... oh, hang on a minute!!

Good luck to Flightaware and all who sale in her!
21voyageur 3
Let us remember that the seller sold for a reason. Chatroom angst of a likely demise should include both parties - if at all. And so it goes.
cos3asg 19
I joined this platform in 2005 and have enjoyed the ride, up to now. I see dark days ahead and turbulent, costly changes. The end of a really decent flight resource tool is at hand.
Chris Cotter 2
Same. Another fellow charter member! Let’s try to hope they don’t mess it up. Feels like a sucker punch.
Nigel Rigg 9
7700 We're about to crash and burn!
jptq63 1
7500, 7600, or 7700 it is time to make the best landing we can....
7700 used to be a "hijack" code...NOT crash & Burn
Ken Thompson 4
Nope. 7500 is hijack. Always has been.
Barney Locke 1
Nope, it use to be 3100 then changed to 7500.
Barry Witte 3
Pretty sure you meant 7500 as the hijack xpdr code.
murray murray 9
well there goes the free acess to the app. as soon as that happens i will remove my feeder .
so long flight aware
Bryan Boyle 2
Same here. Can't have a service without input.
Cleffer 17
FlightAware is gone as we know it. And it won't take six months.
Jeff Lawson 7
Our goal is to continue operate the same way as we always have, and continue to offer all of the features that everyone loves about FlightAware.
21voyageur 8
Not so sure you have experienced being acquired by a larger company. Keep up the high spirits sport. Good luck!
If we lose too much of what we see as feeders, we will stop feeding - the asset vanishes - very simple.
Mark Henley 3
If that was truly your goal, you should never have sold the company, ESPECIALLY to a major aerospace and defense company... follow the money.
Frosty1025 2
I always looked forward to the Friday newsletter and the basic features. I am just an aviation enthusiast. Good luck on being able to monetize flight aware as the original developers. Now the task is to maintain it and make it better under the umbrella of another company with different monetary goals.
Gene Poon 1
But how long will the new bosses allow this to continue before looking for more yield, to benefit the stockholders? Corporate will want its pound of flesh, sooner than later.
Mike Mohle 16
Paywall starting in 3, 2, 1...........
donjohnston 1
You're late to the party. I've already lost a bunch of features that are now only available with the subscription. :-(
cbw 3
Could you provide some insight in features you have lost?
I hope that means business as usual - or even good news for us contributors…. But somehow…..??
Tom Novak 8
I've always been in love with FlightAware's simplistic approach for both average aviation enthusiasts and pro aviatiors, which paved the way for a huge community here. Let's hope Collins do not destroy it, but it's very unlikely as big corporations are very capable of messing everything up after take overs to look more corporate.
Chuck Dreier 7
I just woke up to this. I’m very sad and now waiting for a change to the platform I’ve used for years as an aviation enthusiast and flight simmer.
flightrider 7
If Collins get this wrong I might move to FlightRadar.
Mark Henley 2
You mean WHEN they get it wrong...
I can’t say I’m thrilled. I’m not a “charter user” but I’d been using FlightAware for awhile when I met some of their employees at Oshkosh in 2010, I hope they made some money on the purchase.,

Collins doesn’t seem like a great owner for GA types. What keeps me from despair is the small barrier to entry for this business: it’s not so much what FlightAware does as how it does it. So if Collins screws this acquisition up then a replacement will arrive shortly.
patrick baker 4
i agree. Collins is out of its depth with this new toy, flightaware. The innovative ways the data was assembled and displayed, the states, cities, airports, arrivals, departures, the squawks, the listing by airline, - for a former controller, current ifr pilot, aviation devotee supremo, i go to the site daily and derive information and pleasure. I guess someone else could cook up a proper replacement, a successor to this site. Just go whole hog and make a proper replacement. I like looking up the aircraft types aloft to see if the 737 or the 320 has more of its type aloft at that moment.
Pileits 17
RIP FlightAware
My Son is a Hawaiian Air Captain. I follow almost all of his flights. Thanks for this!! Sure hope Collins does not create a decline in your program, but that is a wait and see.
nf45 5
An epic thanks to those who started, ran this behind the scenes and for the quality content contributed by members. May need and creativity outpace corporate mergers!
Larry Stock 5
As an airport operator without scheduled service, FlightAware has been our main go to, for information on IFR arrivals. This is especially beneficial in planning for snow events. All we can hope is that we are able to continue to use this GREAT product unencumbered. Thank you for what you have accomplished FlightAware!
elnino54 4
It will change, just wait. Nobody acquires a business without expecting a decent return on that investment. What they probably fail to understand is that the network exists because of volunteers. Piss off those volunteers and the service will be crippled because they will cease to input data. The old adage 'If you're not paying for the product, you ARE the product' serves well here - The difference is, we know it. We input data at our own expense and in return we receive premium features for 'free'. Make us pay AND donate data and watch them leave in droves.
S Walter 4
I'll be a tad naive and give them a chance, an open mind can't hurt. The community is what makes this place great.
Chris Muncy 4
I am really hoping that there are positive changes coming. I guess I need to go take a tour of the HQ in Houston before it changes.
Robert Cowling 11
Bye bye unmoderated 'Squawks'.
Ra1n 13
The irony here is unbelievable.
dbaker 3
True story.
This is moderated????
If it is, the moderators need to step up and prove they exist. With so many threads going off the rails, I wonder what they do, if there are any...
Jeff Lawson 6
Comment moderation generally only occurs for hostile or personal attacks on other people. We generally try to minimize intervening unless there is a complaint made using the "report" button.
Cleffer 2
People can disagree with your opinion. That's fine. But when things start degrading into juvenile personal attacks, a moderator should certainly step in and do something about that. Personal attacks are not contributing to any conversation. We're not in elementary school. You'd think people would be above that. Apparently not.
For once I thought there was a group who had aviation enthusiasts' interest at heart. At the end of the day, it was all about the money. Go figure.
PS - Raytheon is a contractor for my employer. They suck. They suck the money and manufacture lame products.
Mark Henley 2
Amen to that.
tpmorrow 3
Wow. What a shame; it was good while it lasted.
Nancy Severn 3
Thank you for FlightAware!
jptq63 3
Tying Farewell while I can to the folks who may have agreed with me and even to the folks who did not....
jptq63 4
PS - To those who may remember Preacher and even luckier to have actually known him (I did not), I must say I learned much from his posts.
jptq63 2
Of course I would have a typo for typing; ah, so fitting it seems.
Peter Cooper 2
Every 12th. of November I raise a glass in memory and appreciation of Preacher 1, probably the most knowledgeable and experienced poster FA had. It was a great pity we lost him so early. .
Good luck. Sadly when the acquiring company, the purchasers, put out a vague press release, it generally does not bode well for the acquired company. I hope I m wrong.
Congrats to the genius folks who created flightaware. What a beautifully executed service! Bruce Schimmel
Roger Bitzer 3
Is it possible that the “Aireon Project”[the Aireon project put thousands of ASD-B satellites in low orbit via Space-X rockets] put enough ASD-B satellites in orbit to provide adequate world wide coverage? It puts us ADS-B feeders in a ‘not needed' situation <ctrl-alt-delete>.
Mark Walker 2
Wouldn't Aireon charge for the data as opposed to a bunch of free data from volunteer feeder locations? What would be the incentive to use the Aireon data instead?

I guess one are of improvement would be in countries that have limited (or no) FA feeders?

I admit I'm no expert to the business side of the equation or coverage in other countries, apologies if I missed something.
Jeff Lawson 2
Don't worry about that... Aireon is technically not capable of handling full reception in high-density areas because each satellite is monitoring a relatively large surface area, which means there is a greater number of broadcasting aircraft in that region with a higher chance of data packet overlap/collision. Aireon is also not ideal for reliably receiving from aircraft with only downward-facing transponder antennas. Furthermore, there are higher licensing costs and re-distribution limitations with that Aireon data.
Mark Kortum 3
I suspect end of an era.
Yazoo 5
Well for 14 years I've really enjoyed using FlightAware on a daily basis. I understand the sell as the founders are a business and deserve to gain from their work. I afraid it will be the end of FlightAware as we know it. Thanks goodness there is also Flight Radar 24.
hal pushpak 4
Ugh, cringeworthy corp-speak! How typical..
detectorguy 4
As long as it's give and take with the users and Collins and not an all one-sided affair then we should have nothing to fear. Don't forget that Collins will have to invest in improving the FA software to make it more efficient as technologies evolve.

I'm sure Daniel will agree with me that his "baby" will grow over the years to become something he may be proud of in his retirement years. Let's give Collins a chance and don't "slate" them until we've seen what they will or won't achieve.
Larry Martin 4
Well yet another company that will go to the trash heap.
21voyageur 2
My area of interest based on this announcement is time. How long till this chat room is "commercialized"? How long till the new owners apply their corporate influence to content? How long will the chat-room side of the business continue to be of interest to Collins (ie: worth the overhead costs?) Spin-off or shut-down discussion at the board level will / have occur/red. Whenever, , , history has proven that acquisitions of this type will typically present subscribers with hard decisions. And we will make those decisions and move on.
donjohnston 2
I'd say the changes had already begun. Some of the features I used to have as a charter member are now only available with a paid subscription.
Mike Mohle 2
Did they already quit providing the decoded TAFs?
Jeff Lawson 4
The TAF decoding appears to be a webserver issue and not an intentional removal. We're investigating this now. Thanks.
Mike Mohle 4
Thanks Jeff, I still direct my students to use that tool to help them learn the TAFs/METARs so it is a very useful feature.
ExPatHere 2
These takeovers never end well…Sorry to hear it.
John Burtis 2
My best wishes to all those who put their blood sweat and tears into making FlightAware one of my go to's every day. Best of luck with the corporate sale! Gute Reise und komm gut an!
I've dealt with Rockwell Collins for 20+ years. They have good lawyers, and they use them. Bail out while you can
Good luck we will miss your valued insights. Let’s hope we don’t have a drastic changes as normally happens following acquisition of a company.
blt56 2
One of the magic things FlightAware did was somehow prompt a lot of us to put up and maintain feeder stations at our own expense. In exchange we get access to the data. Pretty good deal for them and us.
Evan Marks 2
Flightaware will become part of Arinc.

They have committed to supporting the ADS-B and PI-Aware ecosystem

There are exciting opportunities ahead for Arinc and Flightaware
Evan Marks 1
Here is a recent Video on the Arinc Integrator which could benefit.
rbt schaffer 2
There goes the neighborhood.
Rae Brugger 2
I'm just a naive Old Nana who loves following my Grandkids as they travel from AK, AZ, OK, FL, LA, and TX. One Grandson flies out of Houston for work, a few hours to a few days. I'm the 1st person he calls with his Flight Plans. FlightAware has been a "family member" for 11 years! Praying that it continues it's great work!!
Russ Brown 2
"Always look on the bright side of life." It could have been Boeing. There are friends here that I don't know and will never meet. I will miss them.
Chris Cotter 2
So sad. I truly do hate to hear this.
Brian Winkler 3
If my memory serves, Collins was purchased by United Technologies Corporation about 3 years ago. Within months, UTC “merged” with Raytheon (now called Raytheon Technologies). This platform is now owned by Raytheon.
When Collins was bought out by UTC, it was the classic scenario of corporate raiding. Employees were told that nothing would change. Of course, mid and upper level management positions were eliminated and never back filled. Collins employees lost benefits and their job titles downgraded to “save money”. Raytheon then took over UTC and pulled the same garbage. It’s now just a massive military industrial succubus all about the stock price. Sadly, you can likely expect more of the same here.
Andy Ray 3
Aborting takeoff. System failure.
Bill Seward 2
I hope the FlightAware employees are polishing up their resumes and getting those things circulating. Time is of the essence in a corporate buyout. And don't let them lure you with a bonus for staying for some amount of time. If you get an out, take it.
Great, another good site will be turned mediocre to bad. Just great.
Roy Hunte 2
I wonder why so many people are assuming there will be major changes.
I think we should all wait and see what is going to happen.
joel wiley 10
Perhaps because of the number of people who have seen such patterns in many companies across a swath of industries. The purchase is to improve Collins bottom line. I infer that to mean retaining and enhancing magnetizable components and shedding the dross. I, and probably some others, fear that dross will include us, and features we have known and appreciated over the years.
It's been a good 9 year run.
Site 407, among others....
Bryan Boyle 1
So true. When I see the corporatese such as "unlock value", "improve responsiveness", "accelerate (anything)", what it means is "wall street wants bigger returns", our CEO contractual obligations is to maximize their compensation, and we can strip what we need out of the acquisition and incorporate into a closed product that will shut out competition for long enough for us to pay off the acquired company.

Hey, I get it. These guys built something good, but probably were offered a deal they couldn't refuse. Collins (doesn't matter which beltway bandit, they're all alike...Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Boeing, Textron...) will do what it perceives is best for ITS interests...and if that means turning this capability into a marketable asset regardless of the effects to the community that got them there...bloodlessly they will do it. It's not personal.
Eric33432 2
I had a business where I was doing very well, making tons of money. I had no debt. In 1986 I had the opportunity to cash out and make a great amount of money. While I loved what I was doing, the opportunity to make a lot of money was too appealing to me so I sold that business to a group who borrowed a lot of money to buy my business and others like mine. They told everyone they were bigger than me, had more resources, and that things would only get better for their staff and customers because of their greater resources. But everything changed, and for the worse mainly for their employees, because the new owners had a lot of debt which required cost saving changes to be made.

In 1988 and 1990 I took that money and started two new businesses. After about 15 years for one business, and 25 years for the other business, those businesses were also doing great, and I was approaching retirement age. So I sold the two businesses, one in 2005 and the other in 2015, even though I still loved what I was doing. The buyers told everyone they were bigger than me, had more resources, and that things would only get better for their staff and customers because of their greater resources. Everything changed, and for the negative, because they were focused on performance for their stockholders, and paying their debt service required cost saving changes to be made.

I note that Collins was started in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to manufacture radio broadcast and amateur radio equipment, and they made some of the best equipment available. The Collins S-Line amateur equipment was the best available back when it was being made. Collins was initially acquired by Rockwell International, and continued to make broadcast equipment, then the broadcast equipment manufacturing was taken over by a company called Continental Electronics, who to this day makes broadcast transmitters. Back when Collins was owned by Arthur Collins, who founded the company, they made all sorts of broadcast equipment, not just transmitters.

I hope Raytheon, who also used to make a smaller line of broadcast audio equipment and AM transmitters back in the 40's, finds the volunteer aspect of Flight Aware's flight feeders to be valuable and continues the service. Inevitably with new owners comes change. We shall see.
Noticeable lack of aviation news this week. Hope this is not a sign of things to come with new owners.
Joe Cochran 1
Sounds great at first but I fear this will turn a great program into something very mediocre.
James Coward 1
Love Flight Aware and use it daily. Also concerned about its future with Collins Aerospace as already noted by others. Great job, Daniel, creating Flight Aware and nurturing its growth. Enjoy your retirement!
David Fox 1
just look at the tons of cookies that collins aerospace forces you to accept before you can even look at their site... this is one of the most aggressive way of invading a customer computer for the "sake of better service"... and there is no way to avoid their unjustified "requirement"... it is so sad that these guys will ruin what the wonderful FlightAware created
Gene Poon 1
Ask long as Collins remains true to what Flights are has done and built...but only there is really only one true driver of Corporate America: maximizing yield to stockholders. At the usual.corporation, if it is felt that the former leadership and their proven methods get in the way of faster "gains" in the short term, they'll be out the back door.
Joe Cochran 1
Daniel, I for one appreciate what you and your team have done. We just hope that Collins
Doesn't diminish this accomplishment!
The end is nigh 😔

I hope we will continue to get the same quality services
21voyageur 1
Do you live on planet earth?
James Eaton 1
following a classic way on how to ruin an excellent platform and for what?
like: MS and PayPal, like MS and Skype, like Verizon and AOL....
IFlyUBuy 0
Can you say
James Ulrich 0
So much for a good thing.
I Dunno 0
EV sez....."Take the money and run !!!!"
Well, crud. There goes the neighborhood.

Just like when Boeing bought out Jeppesen. Prices went up
David Rice 0
Hopefully this will result in FlightAware offering a reasonably priced solution (say $10/mo) that allows operators of single-engine aircraft to keep the nosy public from being able to track our aircraft’s movements while still allowing us to enable SPECIFIC people (our loved ones, for instance) to be able to track our arrivals (for safety reasons). Right now, there does not appear to be such an offering.
Ray Williams 2
Strange thing to want. And why 'nosy'? Can't we just be 'interested'? I'm a spotter and I like to know whre an aircraft I've photographed has come from or is going to. I'll add it to the caption such as ".....taxiing in after a flight from XYZ". I don't see why this should be a state secret and, quite frankly, if FlightAware started not showing a whole lot of flights I'd not use it. I think some young person using the app and seeing a plane headed for some neat place might well feel incented to get into the GA activity -- and that, you might agree, would be a good thing.
JohnTrolinger 1
You could get a SkyBeacon or similar and put it in Anonymous mode.
Paul Hurford 0
A bitter pill to swallow. You fantastic folks created a miracle, but how long will that last with the new ownership <sic>
docpja2 -2
Nothing to say.
Paula Thompson -1
I so agree.
F A -1
To the folks who sold this platform, may I recommend Benetti? Italian excellence since 1873. I've seen some fine examples in Ft Lauderdale...congrats.
Frosty1025 2
That is funny. I hope they invest their new found nest wisely.

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