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Drunken first-class passenger who screamed 'I hope this plane crashes' fined £10,000

A first class passenger who screamed "I hope this plane crashes and we all die" while flying home from Barbados has been fined £10,000. Rachel Street, 41, had to be restrained on the Virgin Airways flight to London Heathrow on January 5 this year as she launched into a tirade of abuse, threatening passengers and grabbing a member of the cabin crew. ( More...

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Andrew Bain 21
should of been 2 years in prison if she can afford first class then £10,000 will not hurt as much.
bill mcdonald 7
Just a grammar check. Should have or should’ve. Not should of. I swear that we are all forgetting how to spell or speak.
George Pepe 2
Maybe he was in a hurry when he was typing it and didn’t notice.
21voyageur 7
Agree. The privileged well-lubricated arse should be used as an example for others of her ilk. They should be taken to court and if found guilty have their case posted for the public to see and be banned from ever flying again (if that can be managed). I sense riding a bus, boat, or train will be a sad sad yet deserved step down. IMHO, the threat of maximum exposure of the deed and associated embarrassment in the eyes of their peers and having this as a societal norm, is the only way to get these ()*() straightened out. Ahhh. that felt good ;-{)

AWAAlum 1
Or maybe she should just be executed.
mdburd 0
It's business class (Virgin "Upper Class"--- RT LHR - BGI is only about 2600 GBP / person--not that expensive and decidedly NOT First Class.
mdburd 3
Sorry; meant to add---but she's a twit for acting out in any case.
Jaime Terrassa 16
ban the idiot from flying permanently
Greg Zelna 11
Zip tie to her seat, duct tape across the mouth, problem solved. Idiots like this will get all alcohol sales banned- you watch, a few fools as usual spoil it for all. All rules and regulations must cater to the 'lowest common denominator'. I like nothing better than to put on some headphones, have one grossly overpriced beer, and nap for my flight. I imagine those days are numbered.
Another case of "How To Make An Instant Asshole"--Just add alcohol!! Must be another one of the "special" people.
jbermo 13
Her sentences should have also included forced reimbursement to all of those in first-class
- of whom were cheated out of a peaceful flight.
TERRY Smith 16
Why only first-class passengers?
From the pictures that accompany the article, she looks like a real witch too!
Mark Henley 1
Uhhhh... I think the word "witch" is misspelled...
Logically the other first class passengers should have been refunded and Rachel Street should have been charged this refund.
ChrisRisley 5
That’s all? I’d like to see more draconian punishment across the board. Time for a first world attitude adjustment.
R Jolly 3
Related to this, there is an interesting read on how cabin crew deal with progressively escalating unruly pax behaviour.
Justthefacs 5
Thought for a minute it might be Nancy The Nut Case because they didn't have chocolate covered cherries or her favorite ice cream.
Could also have been -Cortez for her $9
'croy-sants' (her pronunciation/spelling) at JFK
Bill James 2
wiring her jaws for a year sounds appropriate
john gleeson 3
should HAVE been .....
Bandrunner 1
Four drinks? Must have been trebles.
George Pepe 1
It is funny when reading the story, but I imagine that it would not be very nice in real life. I still think that they should have given a bigger punishment. Like €10,000 AND a year or two in prison.
Got off easy only $13,800.20 US
ADXbear 0
When the hell are airports and especially airlines going to ban all but limited beer sales? This is a constant denominator in public airline flying events..
bentwing60 16
Sadly, the constant common denominator is a total abandonment of any moral compass by so many who now hold total allegiance to only the almighty dollar and the face in the mirror.
Phil Howry 1
I'm certain this individual will live to regret her actions; regardless, this is a sad example of a lack of self-control.
Reminds me of “Meet the Parents”. You can’t say “bomb” on an airplane! hahaha! “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb. You gonna arrest me? Bomb bomb bomb bomb! During the war I was a BOMBadier!”
Tim Segulin 1
Could you say it if you were flying in a Bombardier? (
Shouldn't be a problem if you pronounce it the correct French way!)
Matt Reardon -2
Thumbs up for free speech ! Just saying what many of us think as we have to confront the vicious, wierdo human viruses oozing will all manner of diseases (the leat of which is the sniffles virus) and their malignant thoughts and freakish personalities. Not that anyone cares anymore about free speech or any kind of freedom for that matter ( sig heil - proper fascists) b /c its all about dutifully, sheepishly following whatever the nincompoop bureaucrats pull out their ass, no questions asked. Wow that was easy ! Not what you wanted to hear was it!
TERRY Smith 2
Is the 'sniffles virus' the same one that has killed over 570,000 USA citizens?

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Susan Wright 21
Why should I be denied an alcoholic drink because someone else is unable to control themselves? But I believe the sentence should be more severe,in the hope that people are more circumspect in situations where their actions are dangerous to others
Jim Allen 1
Maybe a 2 drink limit is called for here and visible signs of public intoxication at check-in precludes boarding. Then again, I’ve heard about people that can’t fly unless they’ve had a few so that might not work out.
Greg Zelna 5
Even 'a few' doesnt make one into a combative, blithering idiot as this individual was. I think at issue is people purchasing bottles from the duty free shops after the security checkpoints- and consuming that on board. But IDK, I've never experienced this behavior first hand, fortunately!
Lance Neward 1
In the "olden days" there was a two drink limit and it seemed to work reasonably well. Of course there were arguments about sticking to the limit, especially on long flights, but by and large it made an f/a's job somewhat easier by being able to say, "I know it's not fair but it is our policy/Federal Air Regulation". Very clear cut, and if there were deviations, it fell to the crew to make them and bear the consequences.
AWAAlum 2
She has a band?
Bandrunner 2
The Bad Notes.
Philip Taylor 4
That’s a good idea! Let’s close all bars whilst we’re at it but wait, even better idea, let’s introduce prohibition world wide. Problem solved!
AWAAlum 1
Yoinks - I'd sure hate to be one of your kids.


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