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Boeing's Sales Again Outpace Cancellations, Jetliner Deliveries Pick Up

Boeing's March aircraft sales outpaced cancellations for the second month in a row as some airlines turn their attention to the industry's recovery from Covid-19's toll on travel ( Más...

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sparkie624 11
This is great news... I knew they would be on the Rebound!
pilotjag 4
Another great article...
D Kaufman 3
I flew yesterday and it was a 100% full flight on AA.
Phil Howry 2
Obviously, Americans are returning to the airports; consider all the direct and indirect support/supply businesses that benefits from this.
linbb 2
Lets hope the Unions dont shut Boeing down again they cost there members more than is made back after they settle. Been doing it for years against them.
Roy Hunte 4
I wonder if the current quality issues are to do with union workers causing problems....
bentwing60 4
Not in Charleston!
Roy Hunte 1
I meant from Everett
williamd 0
Still believe the Boeing execs. should be in jail!


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