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Video of Jet blast destroying hanger and overturns Cessna at San Luis Obispo

Jet blast from American Eagle CRJ turns over aircraft and demolishes hangar while conducting engine runs at San Luis Obispo Airport, California See also news report with additional photos of overturned Cessna ( Más...

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dicky11 34
This comment has nothing to do with this event, BUT, as an older aviator I'm disappointed that so many people who are involved in aviation have such a problem in knowing the difference between a "Hanger" & a "Hangar". Call me picky, as you read through these comments and the headline title. LOL
Chris Toney 7
I heard that. I have just read my local paper where the correct word in about five different stories is BRAKES. As in the things that you use to slow down, spelled BREAKS. Silently seethed. :)
It's a capitol offense to commit a crime in the state capital!
Jim French 4
I agree completely. Even in online mainstream media we see gross errors in English. Without knowledgeable editors, the world is reduced to chaos.
John D 4
Not the same gripe, but I get annoyed when people write the time some event is occurring like 3:00 PM EST when it's daylight saving time. I often have to restrain myself in responding asking if the meeting is actually occurring an hour earlier or later. :)
If you don't know the difference then drop the D or the S and use ET, CT, MT, etc...
Chris B 3
Guilty as charged on Hangar v Hanger....
AWAAlum 6
It seems to me grammar and spelling have both gone down the tubes...and if I remember correctly, it seems to have happened with the advent of the internet.
Dale Ballok 4
You’ve got that right!
I’ve never seen the English language misused as much as in the last few years.
What kills me is that the new phones have spell-check, but I guess people just don’t care!
I can understand the historically confusing there, their, they’re, but some people don’t even use periods, just running multiple sentences together, much less correct spelling or punctuation!
Torsten Hoff 1
Not so much with the advent of the Internet but of text messaging, and to a lesser extent email.
AWAAlum 3
lol - have you read much online stuff lately? It's riddled with errors. "Lead" when what they meant is pretty much a daily occurrence. Anyway, this is way off topic. Sorry.
AWAAlum 3
*** "Lead" when what they meant is "led". pretty much a daily occurrence. Anyway, this is way off topic. Sorry
Dale Ballok 2
mike SUT 1
I hate it when someone (a lot of people do this) use the word 'Lose" by saying "loose" ....hope you don't loose your house key...don't get me started on the word with the (silent) T. statistics......why can't it be pronounced as it is spelled...oh yeah...they're the ones that can't spell.
Brian Anderson 15
There's nothing funny about that. That's just lack of situational awareness, whether a flight or s mx crew. When I was a young pup mechanic I couldn't keep track of the times people seemed to feel the need lock a brake and run the RPMs up to spin an aircraft around in front of the shop so it faced tail first into the hangar.

A cut and paste from my insurance agent: "current aviation insurance market we're facing which is really tough these days."
M20ExecDriver 3
Yeah, and the idiots that do their runups in the hangar row.
Torsten Hoff 10
This is not a good time to be looking for a new job.
Jasper Buck 7
I used to hang my flight suit on a hanger in a closet located in my hangar.
Dale Ballok 2
Love it!
John D 13
There's always some yahoo who finds humor in the misfortune of others
Paul Trantow 5
My question is, how does one shoot such a poor video in 2020? Are funny retro flip phones coming back?
Chris B 5
Just did a little looking to figure this out a bit more. This link to the airport via google streetview (airport view?) shows not only the hangers (my garden shed is built better) but also one of the two cessnas shown in the video.

The one that flipped wasn't airworthy before the event.....
Dale Ballok 3
...that would be “hangAr”!
RavenLover 3
Jim DeTour 3
Why he held power so long is beyond me. Either explaining to a pilot in training or watching numbers that didn't register right. Best to do runup's one engine at a time while taxiing parallel to runway.

Concerning a guy happens to be videoing..... I'd give them an excuse of it was planned especially with his gleeful excitement of something bag resulted. Maybe there were arguements about the berm wasn't protection enough from jet blast so they laid on major tonnages of jet blast with both engines at the same time.

I doubt American has engine maintenance there that would be doing a long runup of the engines because any mechanic would know he's marked for life after a stunt like this. But then disgruntled employees never fail to amaze.
Cactus732 2
It’s a SkyWest aircraft and they DO have a maintenance base in SBP so there’s a very good chance that this was a maintenance run up.
Dav5049915 5
Building codes exist for a reason......
Mike Mohle 4
Duct taped the hanger to the foundation instead of anchor bolts?
It's a hangar. It's not a hanger.
Mike Mohle 4
Guilty as charged. LOL. Being held hostage in my own home is rotting my brain!
Lol. Just pulling your leg
Dale Ballok 1
Tell ‘em!
Robert Cowling 2
Hah! This led me to SXM, and watching the people getting blown around on the beach. I was there for several hours, and didn't see one plane take off, but the idea of picking sand out of places sand usually doesn't get into kept me from that beach anyway. I was safely off shore diving.
Spencer Hoefer 2
and I thought a CRJ had tiny engines....
blueashflyer 6
from the technical manual: at ground idle power, at sea level, on a standard day
CRJ engines put out a plume of jet blast such that 90 feet behind the engine, it is a 65 knot wind force. That's a Tropical Storm force wind, 90 feet behind the airplane, and that's just at ground idle power.
kazi92 4
You would be surprised at the power. Back when I was working on the ramp, I was driving behind an idle Delta CRJ (about 100 to 120 feet) and right when was behind the plane, I was thrown to my left but didn't fall off luckily. Its like getting hit with a pretty good gust of wind. All that on idle parked at the gate.
Spencer Hoefer 2
Yeah I was joking a little bit. Obviously a jet engine on any scale can do damage to objects near it. Same goes for a turboprop.
srobak 1
just a tuned down version of the same engine in the A10 I believe
Cactus732 1
Significantly tuned up version of the same engine actually. Makes sense because the MTOW of a CRJ700 is 2.5 x that of an A10
ADXbear 3
That hangar wasnt secured to ground well at all.. wtf...
Holy crap a CRJ did that?!
ian mcdonell 1
Did I miss something?
For some reason, the video started playing at 0:18. Play it from the beginning to see the action.
Carlos Bea 1
Those are Air San Luis airplanes. I used to instruct there. American Eagle has a nice 3 sided blast fence. But, if it is a different airline, space is limited. Doing it on a runway, away from vehicles on nearby roads would have been best.
patrick baker 1
common sense would have been honored to be there at that test, but uncommon sense, good training and proper supervision, is what is called for in all similar situations.
Jaime Terrassa 1
I just hope there was no one inside
wnhanna 3
Or behind it doing anything at all. Inside was probably safe.
RavenLover 1
Was that a Mesa Airlines plane?
bartmiller 3
Looks like an American Airlines tail, so could be Mesa (which flies commuter routes for American and United).

Besides Mesa, American also uses Air Wisconsin, Envoy, ExpressJet, Piedmont, PSA, Republic, SkyWest and TransStates.

Looking at the flight log for KSBP, I see lots of SKW flights. So maybe more likely SkyWest?
Air Wisconsin, Expressjet, and TransStates don't fly as American Eagle anymore.
bartmiller 1
Cactus732 1
Only Skywest and PSA fly CRJ700s for American and PSA don’t really fly west of the Mississippi so that leaves Skywest.
Sue Lewis -1
Should have gone to other end of runway where there is a large run up area and no buildings. Where the were is a GA run up area midway between the ramp and the end of runway 11. It’s a small area not suited for jet aircraft. I saw a later video that showed a Cessna on its back and a airport maintenance tractor was in the hangar.


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