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TSA underwear - Guarantee to get patdown?

Saw this on MSN while actually doing work. Scan blocking undergarments. ( Más...

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Lloyd Boyette 0
Hasn't this already been done? Are we just trying to cash in on a market that is already open? Gotta love capitalism!
El Kabong 0
"Images are thrown away after scan is complete" has been proven to be untrue. ( NONE of these so-called security measures amount to a hill of beans against a concerted baddie. The TSA hires people without even a GED ( and puts them into positions of authority without any LE or behavioral training whatsoever. It's time the TSA is shut down and the American public refunded their hard earned tax dollars.

Ronald Padgett 0
Let's just say it's a good thing that * I * wasn't the one that picked the image(s) to put on them. I can think of quite a few "tatoos" that would be... interesting?.
Toby Sharp 0
@ Ronald Padgett........BRILLIANT!
99NY 0
Seems to me the scan-blocking underwear would only guarantee you a visit with a 450lb woman named Ed, who would be snapping on the kind of rubber glove that goes up to the shoulder....
dmanuel 0
The images are thrown away after the scan is comlete - so there is no concern about cell phone cameras capturing images off the screen - right?


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