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Turkish Airlines Confirms 787-9 To New York, Boston, DC, Caracas

Turkish Airlines has unveiled some of the initial routes its upcoming Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners will be deployed on as soon as it takes delivery of the first one later this year. Starting in July 2019, Turkish Airlines is expected to see the new plane launch flights between Istanbul and the very popular holiday city of Antalya. However key changes are expected to go into the 2020 summer season. ( Más...

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Politics over aviation, Turkeys PM (Dictator) is looking for someone in S America to join his anti US activities
patrick baker 1
why would they fly to caracas, unless they hae some way to repatriate their revenues and profits, unlike Delta and American.? seems futile....
bartmiller 1
Caracas is a nightmare now. Security and power are daily issues. Not safe to take personnel off the airport, or even away from the international terminal.

Payments need to all be in a stable foreign currency. The aircraft basically has to arrive fully provisioned for the outbound leg.

Fewer Venezuelans are able to travel now so load factors can’t be great.

Strange choice for a flagship route.
You'd be surprised the CCS-IST catering is loaded in CCS. I spoke to the general manager and the airline is "very surprised" at how good the catering service is.

Also, all tickets are being sold in USD only.


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