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Singapore A350 #SQ422 mistakenly made final approach to small Juhu airport instead of Mumbai

The Mumbai-bound flight of Singapore Airlines mistakenly made an approach to land at the Juhu airport on Monday morning. The the flight #SQ422 was cleared to land on Mumbai runway number 09. After the error was picked up, the aircraft changed its course and after a go-around, it landed on the correct runway of the Mumbai airport. ( Más...

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Mike Slatcher 2
This article is a disgrace, and the headline is probably libellous. The graph shows the aircraft was correctly aligned for Mumbai at the point of commencing the missed approach. Then it happened to stray a little left where a small airport happened to be. There is no story here. Shame on Flightaware for squawking this. (I am a UK ATCO).
flee2013 2
Singapore A359 at Mumbai on Dec 4th 2017, go around on final approach portrayed as approach to wrong airport:
Roger Price 1
I recall in 1968 or thereabouts, a JAL DC8 landed there by mistake. It had overrun the RW and it was some time before they moved it. With the logo was blanked out.
I never expected this squawk from Flightaware. Just the Indian media flying from their armchairs again. -_-
Highflyer1950 1
Juhu mainly used as a heliport as the useable runway is about 1,000’ long. Large displaced threshhold however for runway 26. Smog does make it really hard if you are searching for runway 09 looking into the sun.
Iain Simpson 1
Would the aircraft type been mentioned if it was a Boeing?
patrick baker 0
anybody in that Singapore cockpit talking to a radar-equipped approach controller? An awake radar-equipped approach controller?
linbb -1
Better than some here in the states do at least they didn't land.


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