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Allegiant Air retires all its MD-80’s by 2018

By year-end 2018, Allegiant will operate an all-Airbus fleet of 50 A320s and 32 A319s. ( Más...

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Allegiant never did take good care of their MD-80's.
linbb 3
They have been lucky due to there age and doing just enough to keep them in the air. They rolled the dice and so far have won.

bizprop 3
Sad to see them go, but probably a relief both for to Allegiant and their customers.
linbb 3
These are not new AC and if not the same problems will be encountered with them and they are Airbus AC also which will require just as much or more work to keep them flying.
James Simms 2
Never have understood why the SouthEastern Conference charters an Alligiant MD-83 for select football games. The SEC has all kinds of money & could charter from a first rate airline w/afar better safety record.
Jason Human 1
Individual schools set up the charter arrangements, not the conference.
Billy Hicks 1
LSU and Texas A&M use United Airlines for football charter flights.
James Simms 1
Not talking abt the individual schools, this is the SEC office itself. They flew the Alligiant MD-83 through the teeth of a Cat 1 hurricane from College Station to BHM after the Alabama-Texas A&M game after Alabama's Delta charter left almost immediately after the game to beat the worst of the hurricane winds back to Tuscaloosa-they landed during a lull in the storm & departed Tuscaloosa w/in 45 minutes of arriving.

The second incident was after Auburn played @ Arkansas. The Auburn team plane departed just ahead of a very severe line of storms arrived @ XNA but the SEC charter was delayed two, maybe three hours then had to fly South to San Antonio just to get around the line of storms. Playing w/fire IMO.


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