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Santa Monica Airport Begins Evictions - FAA Warnings Ignored

Two weeks after the FAA reiterated its longstanding and unambiguous view that Santa Monica Municipal Airport must continue operating on “fair and reasonable terms” until 2023 at least, the city issued eviction notices targeting both of the airport’s fixed base operators, Atlantic Aviation and American Flyers. ( Más...

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Kenneth Schmidt 16
There seems to be an attitude in California that local and state entities can ignore Federal regulators and indeed, the intents of Congress and do as they please.

The FAA should have the teeth to back up the rules involving acceptance of Federal funds by local municipalities. This is a perfect case to start with.
Ric Wernicke 3
The people with a stake in the airport need to combine forces and paper the city and commissions with lawsuits praying for monetary and mandamus relief for the unfair and unlawful treatment of those connected to aviation, including what fuel is sold.

They also need to invite the yahoo to appear with his lawyer to explain why he has allowed his tree to grow into the glide slope creating a hazard to navigation. His insurance company should cancel his homeowners policy for maintaining a hazard after the city told him to fix it.

FAA are you listening?
canuck44 6
The attitude is the same one that brings sanctuary cities. The FAA needs to step in immediately and take ownership of the FBO's on a long term agreement to 2023. The Santa Monica crowd could then find themselves in major problem and the FBO operators can be left whole by the "sale agreement".

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Gary Bennett 6
Looks like Miggs all over again
harm buning 1
I had an aircraft at Miggs Field. Took us 3 WEEKS to get the CITY to let us REMOVE our OWN AIRPLANE!

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Gary Bennett 1
Water front airport east side of Chicago. The Mayor took a crew in at night, bulldozed the runway...FAA did nothing as they are doing now!
Joss Miller 2
What, exactly, does the city intend to do with the property? Hand it to a developer?
ADXbear 3
I truly wish California was a country of its own... they are such pre Madonna's.. really hate everything there but the scenery... I hope the FAA and the courts make this hurt..
harm buning 1
'Pre Madonna's'? Try, 'prima donnas'.... :D
Arthur Wright 1
Yank their federal funding and they will set up and pay attention.
Vanya Derkach 1
I live in Santa Monica and plan to get my license at SMO. All this battling is making me very upset and how the counsel is ignoring FAA. Doesn't the FAA after all make the final decision?
Bruce Holmes 1
I have been taking lessons there with the Santa Monica Flyers. I don't think there is that big of a problem with noise based on my observations.

Greed by the City is overwhelming.
patrick baker 1
this bandit city government has gone very far out on the high diving board. The feds ought to take over the property and put federal law enforcers on the property to prevent more siliness .
Anybody ever hear of the 10th Amendment??
Scott Campbell 0
never mind Pete
Scott Campbell 0
Are a member of the cap police too ? Well I was wrong increase the meds sir.
Scott Campbell -1
Hey Peter ESQ looks like you're feeling better, great news!
toolguy105 0
They did it in Chicago and they will probably do so in Santa Monica. They hold the keys to the City. Government can be the biggest slum lord when they want to be and they can withhold essential services at their will forcing business to either move or fail. As the saying goes you can't fight city hall. What the city fathers see is a parcel of land for which they are not receiving proper valuable tax dollars.

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Mr Hartmann, the FAA, like all Federal agencies has power to regulate. Those powers were given by Congress to avoid a patchwork of local restrictions on the Aviation network, even after de-regulation. Perhaps not as powerful as the STB is over surface transportation, the FAA can and should enforce agreements it enters into with parties. Even if it means going to Federal court and getting an injunction against Santa Monica.

If precedent is set in this case (and it should be), I feel it's time has come in order to preserve what is left of General Aviation airports in major metro areas like LA.

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linbb 1
Oh yes after reading the article you can add public radio to it also they operate on there own level above all others.
matt jensen 6
Mr Hartmann: Bringing up Trump or any candidate will have no effect on this outcome. The mere fact you invoked their names rankles me. Tho I am not a US citizen any longer, it pains me to see so many references to the candidates in just about any forum. It has no place here.

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Ant Miraa 1
You are so right. Look up the issue with the Billy Bishop airport in downtown toronto ytz. The condo owners arw trying hard to shut that airport down to even stupid levels

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linbb -2
I tend to agree with you as there is a group of elected officials and lawyers down there that all answerer to the same calling.

They are a group of socialists don't know all of there names Jane Fonda among them that want to bring in there agenda.

Its been happening for years from them this is just another item on there list.

I don't think that any republican can do much no matter who it is.


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