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Planes land in hot water on frozen in Minneapolis

Two pilots landed small airplanes on frozen Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis and left the aircraft there as they walked away for lunch Monday afternoon, then were ticketed and had to wait a few hours before federal officials cleared them for takeoff. ( Más...

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cbw 0
I think that there are plenty of organizations (FAA, Police, etc.) that would be able to verify whether or not it would be OK to land on the lake. That being said, its a shame that you would have to clear with all these authorities before heading out on such a nice day.
Who's the victim? We're a long ways off from the good old barnstorming days aren't we?
mattdavis 0
The pilots are the victim.
Daniel Baker 0
All that aside, looks like a fun trip!
crk112 0
The entire GA community could end up being the victim in the wake of this.
Dan Adams 0
On the terminal map the lake is one half in the Class B air space to the surface. Since they were on the OK side of the lake I don't understand why they would need FAA approval to take off.
crk112 0
They probably wanted to see if there were any FAA regs they broke in addition to the city ordinance they violated.


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