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How to bring down mission-critical GPS networks with $2,500

Scientists have devised a series of novel and inexpensive attacks that can severely disrupt mission-critical global positioning systems relied on by the military and a variety of industrial players, including airlines, mining companies, and operators of hydroelectric plants and other critical infrastructure. ( Más...

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Well now I guess Garmin will have the opportunity to sell me some more high priced soft ware or maybe some even higher priced hardware. It's already half the cost of the plane. Lol, NOT!
nsarshad 1
:-) Yes, most probably - The new"er" systems will need to process our GPS, GLONOS (the Russian version of the GPS), and Galileo (EU version) signals concurrently to weed out the compromised system. Three systems in one if you would. Pretty sure bet that road/street versions of the new units will be cheaper than todays. But the aviation version will cost 6 times as much as todays.

bentwing60 1
And we need to be publishing this?
nsarshad 1
You can't hide this stuff by not publishing it. Bad guys usually already know all about it before you get to see it published. Cheap hardware was already easily available on the net that could jam GPS signals in the local area even before these exploits were widely known (just google "gps jammer"). Hopefully articles like this will raise awareness that maybe it's too early to retire all the VOR's and put all eggs in the one basket of a weak signal from 20,000 miles away. Also, as a pilot, it's good to be aware that stuff happens.
nsarshad 1


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