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Ryanair threatens The Aviation Herald with legal action

Comments posted by readers on The Aviation Herald regarding an incident where a Ryanair aircraft alledgedly received EGPWS warnings on a visual approach has made Ryanair call foul (Defamation.) Contentions heated up when emails from Ryanair were posted in full on The Aviation Hearld today. Ryainair butt-hurt? I think so. ( Más...

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Gabriele Klink 12
Seriously, Ryanair wants comments to be removed? What happened to freedom of speech? What is it they are afraid of? Go Simon!
Donate a dollar to your local food bank, then send the rest to help with The Aviation Herald's leagal bills!
canuck44 8
The airline is now upset that this information was released all or in part after they marked the letter "strictly private and confidential". This is an old trick. Once you write a letter to someone (email or text or phone call), you don't get to direct what happens to it. The best way to deal with cheapshot artists is to expose them. Post it on the web, notice boards etc. By doing so, the Herald has shown Ryanair to be a thin skinned bully which enrages them even further.
Well said and I agree totally.
The comments are pretty bad but defamation? Come on, get some thicker skin. You decide:

1. "What would they do ... without their Ground Proximity Warning System? Go to funerals every month I guess."

2. "...the daily near disasters and safety infractions ... !"

3. "Perhaps a testament to ... engineering that those airplanes are not crashing everywhere like fire flies in September!"

4. "...abuse and violations of safety there"

5. "They are a disaster waiting to happen..." implying that there must be some form of intervention "...before he causes a major loss of lives with his silly ideas and tactics."

preacher1 1
To boot, I think most of these are PUBLIC comments and not AVHERALD. As with Connors comment here below, just more publicity and something for the lawyers to do.
Ric Wernicke 3
Most right thinking people are capable of filtering fact from fiction, whether in personal communications, or those posted on the internet, or published in print or on TV. Ryan air attempts to manage the media by being a threatning legal bully.

The legal department should understand that if you don't want to see your communication in print, don't send it to a publisher!

How ironic that the first thing airlines and their insurance companies want to do after an accident is to dismantal the tort system and deprive injured parties their just compensation, but somehow peoples' opinion causes them to feel defamed and want to use the tort system to force their will upon others.
I guess the "right thinking members of society" are ones that like Ryanair....
conmanflyer 3
It's just more publicity... i mean, this kind of stuff has been said about ryanair for a long time... and their "safety record" is kinda already trashed from everything else i have heard. ps lets not say much on flight aware ;)
sparkie624 5
LOL, would not want to see FlightAware Sued... :)
chalet 3
The owner of Ryanair thinks that he is a direct descendant of a Higher Authority and thus charges like a shark on a frenzy escapade to everybody whom he wants to intimidate. for instance the airframe manufacturers just to force them to grant better prices, but they know him and now ignore him. He also does not lose the opportunity to agrandizze himself treating others like lowely class people, and finally and in a more inmature and stupid manner, he proposes allowing Ryanair to have standing passengers to incrase revenue, or only one-man cres or charding for each visit to the john, creating a lot of irritation to everybody. But we all know him. To hell with this jerk.
s2v8377 3
What makes this airline so special??? People write nasty comments about many airline throughout the world regardless if they're a legacy carrier, or a Low Cost carrier.
N5DW 3
Wow ! I hope the Ryanair people never listen to Jay Leno, with all his humorous (?) remarks about drunken pilots, and other negative comments related to aviation. The airlines he mentions usually just grin and bear it - and the storm usually blows over fairly quickly. Ryanair's "interventions" just guaranteed that this situation will not blow over all that quickly. Defamation is something done with malign intent. Without that intent, all the blathering should be simply ignored.
Nicely put and I agree. It seems O'leary has called off the dogs . . . for now. Probably seeing all the negative publicitiy it was creating. Course, he is all about negative publicity isn't he?
There is a rule. If someone slanders you-ignore it. Nobody heard what they said. But if you demand a retraction or actually sue, then 100% of the population will heard the comment. You would think a company of this size would know better than to be so thin skinned. By placing their products and services in the stream of commerce Ryanair must face critiques. That is the way it goes. Kitchen-too hot, leave.
nicholas weber 2
Ryanair does anything and everything to get publicity!!!
Andy Tyler 2
Ryanair is mad that professional flyers know them to be the world's crappiest airline? Too bad.
sparkie624 2
BOO HOO... What happened to free speech in America.
dee9bee 4
It's an Irish company suing a UK based website, as far as I know.
sparkie624 3
LOL, will have to see where it goes. let them have at it.
Steve Hopper 1
Simon is Austrian, put your point is still valid.
Ant Miraa 1
Doesn't Ryanair bad mouth other airlines in their ads?
Says Ryan's legal wizards: "As you will be aware, you are responsible for the content on your website and are liable as a publisher for defamatory statements which you fail to remove after being put on notice."

It is time that Ryan stopped reading old law books:

"US: Websites not responsible for comments

A California supreme court recently ruled that web sites are not responsible for distributing libelous material written by others on their web sites. The court case has set a freedom of speech precedent for website user comments and postings. The ruling does protect the internet sites but not the actual comment makers, “until Congress chooses to revise the settled law in this area, however, plaintiffs who contend they were defamed in an Internet posting may only seek recovery from the original source of the statement.'' wrote Justice Carol Corrigan.

The appeal decision is based on the courts desire to “serve and protect online freedom of expression and to encourage self-regulation.'' However some wonder if the ruling might result in “blanket immunity for those who intentionally redistribute defamatory statements on the Internet.”
joel wiley 1
Something most comments overlooked- this is the United Kingdom, where the rules are different. Under UK slander laws, Flightaware's UK subsidiary probably could not have the "
joel wiley 1
Fumble finger error- Shift S and Ctrl S do different things...
to continue...
could not have the "SQUAWKS AND HEADLINES" menu options, because FA would be liable if an unmentioned firm whose name begins with a letter between 'Q' and 'S' was upset with a comment from a poster in the US.
ken young 0
Ok...The public can believe whatever they want. The Aviation Herald has no legal responsibility to research or reference public commentary
Earl Phillips 0
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Ryanair threatens The Aviation Herald with legal action

Comments posted by readers on The Aviation Herald regarding an incident where a Ryanair aircraft alledgedly received EGPWS warnings on a visual approach has made Ryanair call foul


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