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Fighter Jet Engines 'Stolen From Israeli Base'

How do you walk off an Israeli Air Force base with 30,000 pounds worth of fighter jet engines? Can you think of anyone who might want a handful of advanced super-sonic jet engines engines rather than the dubious theory it's for scrap metal? ( Más...

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Daniel Baker 0
Certainly a gutsy crime.
n111ma 0
Definitely gutsy! However, my feeling is that the engines by themselves are not a real threat...without some awsome IDF pilots there to light'em up!
shawn white 0
First thought of the officials: TERRORISTS!!! (PS:What other causes are there?)
al fredericks 0
how to steal 30,000 lbs of jet engines----VERY QUIETLY
Gene spanos 0
An inside job?
That's what was reported, well find out in a few months that the engines were scrapped back in january and someone working a desk lost the paper, and blamed it on thieves when the documents couldn't be found

Wingscrubber 0
Those engines are probably on their way to Iran right now. Wonder if they'll shoe-horn those engines into the F-14s or Phantoms they're still flying...
chalet 0
Wingscrubber your theory is wrong. The stolen engines are Pratt & Whitney F100s which were plagued with so many problems that the USAF and the Israeli AF replaced them with GE F110s for their F-16s and F-15s none of which are in the Iranian air force inventory. F-14s use P&W JT-10s (aka TF30) engines, none of which are in the Israeli Armed forces inventory.
Mark Duell 0
The F100s are still in service on the F-15/16, they competed in each production lot with F110 instead of being replaced by them. But indeed only the pre-production F-14s used F100.
Wingscrubber 0
My theory may be a little far fetched but still feasible - like something that Tom Clancy might write in a novel.
avman10s 0
The barefoot bandit is back?
chalet 0
Wingscrubber your theory that anything can be made to fly seems to be based on that terrible movie "The Flight of the Phoenix", the C-82 that crashes in a desert, is turned into a single engine/single fuselage object and flown to safety all using a screwdriver and a wrench. Hollywood stuff with no bearing with reality
Wingscrubber 0
Chalet - not so, a number of components in an otherwise defunct engine might be re-usable. Compressor, turbine and fan blades, bearings, tubes, hoses, casings, accessory gearbox... this is why I infer that it might be possible for air forces which cannot get parts for their airplanes to resort to other means. Alternatively, scrap Titanium is valuable too I suppose - what a terrible lack of imagination you have! I feel sorry for you... Flight of the Phoenix was a great movie too :)
Ian Horseman 0
Very easy to do... if you're the "inventry holder". Convert the FSN, or whatever you use to identify the item, from the original to an alternative that can be "written off" locally. I did it a few times when in the RAF to dispose of a couple of items that were surplus!!
I've always wanted a jet engine in my garage. Could it be that easy?
This does not sound like a theft, its unblievable that one could steal serveral engines of that size. someone is not telling the whole story.
I agree, Hansberger. Someone is not telling the whole story. How are you going to just walk off with 2 jet engines unnoticed. Definitly sounds like someone on the inside helped make this caper possible. I wonder how much money they made on the deal.
Problem is Ian, they have been reported as stolen so if this scenario were true, they would not be reported as stolen and no one knows where they are. I'm sure it would take more than one person to make them disappear on paper. If so then they need to suspect the auditors responsible for that departments accounting and inventory control. What would one of these engines sell for on the black market?
jetjock1 0
Actually I am working a deal to buy one from the theft for a golf cart project I am working on.
Wingscrubber & chalet: It is possible, but only if MacGyver is doing the work. :)
Isreal losing 8 engines... My guess is papaerwork error.
chalet 0
Michael Chapman, gotcha! (LOL!).
mike abbott 0
it happen in a company I worked for many years a go, a low loader turned up on a sunday morning only one storeman on duty, driver had the paper work with part number and S/N, for a fully build up JT3 (boe 707) complete with nose cowl and tail pipe loaded it up and was never seem again it takes some balls


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