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Paint Job On Kazakhstan’s New A400M Looks Like A Plane In A Bond Film

Paint Job On Kazakhstan’s New A400M Looks Like A ‘Soviet’ Plane In A Bond Film ( More...

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Chris Bryant 9
If an article says something looks like something else, shouldn't they show us the something else???
Steve Boulton 4
Great photo, Always loved the a400s
Paint weight may be an issue. But it's their airplane. If they wanted to add 'Coon tails', curb feelers,and 'Moon' hubcaps, it's their business, right?
I think it looks fine.
Neil Postlethwaite 2
Curious how much the paint job weights and affects overall fuel consumption v’s just a little bit of livery and tags.
300 to 500 pounds or so for a commercial plane. 6 figure dollars to do it. A decrease in revenue capacity with a full body coverage paint scheme.
William Bell 2
It's basically just another gray airplane.
Bob Harrington 2
Except for the lighter gray and high gloss finish, pretty much the same as every other A400, C-130, C-17. But, yeah - shiny!
Garry Nielsen 2
Putin probably offered to paint it.
Jesse Carroll 1
Amazing how much all other countries "Airplanes" looks like an already in production American plane!
Michael Nitschke 1
A4000M looks to me a looking paint job.
Michael Meyers 1
Painted by Borat?
dssherrill 1
@Chris Bryant: they provided a link to the "something" in the text "gives off a similar vibe".
WhiteKnight77 1
How does a plane with desert type camouflage look like one in greys?
Bob Harrington 1
The Bond film C-130 was actually a Moroccan Air Force Herk, I believe?
WhiteKnight77 1
What I find funny is that the article makes a "big" deal about the "Bort" numbers, yet US military aircraft have side numbers (Navy and Marines) and tail numbers (Air Force) as well. It appears that the Army just uses a bureau number only.
Steven Williamson 1
"Kazakhstan, the greatest country in the world, all other countries, are run by little girls!"
Nooge 1
"I'm ready for the 'gotcha' question

And when they ask me who is the president of "Kazakhstan, the greatest country in the world or Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan I'm going to say, you know, I don't know. Do you know?
Leander Williams 1
It's an air force plane, so those paint jobs aren't special.
300 to 500 pounds or so for a commercial plane. 6 figure dollars to do it. A decrease in revenue capacity with a full body coverage paint scheme.
Greg S -3
User MH370 is quite pathetic.
mbrews 4
Without going into specifics, Flightaware really needs an Ignore button / mute button. A feature offered on many websites.
21voyageur 3
IMHO, what you suggest is of value but should be but a part of a far larger topic, that being leadership and editorial maturity. This site/company, despite having a monstrously large owner (Collins Aerospace - $26 BILLION in 2023), conducts positions this website as an amateur sandbox. Just don't get it.
John Taylor 1
First, I'd like to see an "edit" button...
siriusloon -6
Blame it on DEI, right, Billyboy?
Steven Palmer 0
Let us remind ourselves that Kazakhstan is an individual sovereign country and not under the influence of Russia.
As somebody who has worked there regularly, I can say they watch Russian TV, they all speak Russian, they drive Russian Trucks, Pick-Ups and cars. Their service in Hotels and Restaurants etc is ....... how shall we say ........... Russian, AND 50%+ of houses do not have internal bathrooms/WCs .....!!

Also everywhere you see hoardings with, in Latin and Cyrillic script, '2030' --- and that is because their former beloved leader promised them that by 2030, they will be ready to join the 'EU' .......
It seems, perhaps to curry favour, that they are already buying military aircraft from the EU ...
Good Luck to them, as I hear the UK RAF models of the A400M, can be best described as 'Rust Buckets'
Neil Postlethwaite 3
Considering it’s largely made from composites and Aluminium which are the alleged rusty bits ?
WhiteKnight77 1
The quotation marks he used say something.


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