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Boeing's Leadership Reinforces 737 Max Safety Claims, Labels It ‘Safest Airplane’ Amid Challenges

Boeing’s leadership has recently emphasized the safety of its 737 Max aircraft, branding it as “the safest airplane” in the market, amidst ongoing scrutiny due to a fuselage panel incident. At the same time, the company commented on China’s Comac C919 jetliner, suggesting it offers similar capabilities to existing models by Boeing and Airbus. ( More...

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Greg S 7
"The MAX is safe. This time, we mean it!". Good luck with that.
Michael Stansfield 4
"Despite these challenges, Schulte reinforced the aircraft’s safety, highlighting his personal confidence by flying on the 737 Max with his family."

And just how white were his knuckles during that flight?
I hope Boeing does get its act together and start building some of the safest aircraft in the world, but they have really sullied their reputation.
Chris Bryant 4
You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.
patrick baker 6
boeing has not one, not any credible folks believable as to vouching for safety on any boeing aircraft. No with the history of misrepresentations and falsehoods for many years.
rob strong 2
Former Boeing exec worked where the MAX was assembled and has said he will not fly on one, even saying he's gotten off the MAX when he realized they did an aircraft swap.
rob strong 3
United is inspecting the 737-800s as well as their 900s, in addition to the MAX 9 and 10s. But Boeing says it's the safest plane out there, yeah ok. Safe and effective, heard that before.


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