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JetBlue Seeks More Routes For A220 Fleet

JetBlue Airways is mulling the future route map to be covered by its growing fleet of Airbus A220s, as the airline takes advantage of the European type’s improved range and economics over its predecessor aircraft. The US carrier currently has 18 A220s in the fleet and expects to take delivery of about 20 more in 2024. The aircraft is replacing Embraer 190s: “With a range of up to 3,350 nautical miles and a 40% lower fuel burn per seat than [our] E190 aircraft, the favorable economics open the… ( More...

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Brian Chandler 5
Calling the A220 "European" is insane. Designed in Canada, produced in Mobile, Alabama. I don't care who bombardier sold out to in a monopolistic move to remove competition that the EU allowed because their laws don't apply to AB, but this is NOT a European bird.
Stef Lar 0
Toyota models like the Avalon were also designed and manufactured in the US, but good luck getting folks to think of them as anything but Japanese.
Diane Friedman -1
That factory in Mobile is known for shoddy work. It's a bit frightening.

Brian Chandler 0
There’s never been a single manufacturing issue that cost lives in mobile. You’re very stupid
George Morales 0
Would "Assembled" rather than "Produced" be more correct? I was not aware that JB had 220s in their fleet.
m f 1
Most of them are assembled in Mirabel, Canada (just outside Montreal) and there is a smaller line in Mobile, Alabama.
Jeraboam 1
I thought the American government required A220s sold in the USA to be built there, following the political machinations of Boeing. The Mirabel production is for Canadian, European and other world markets.
m f 1
That was the initial reason for them opening that assembly line but didn't end up being necessary. It was a complicated time!


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